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Aline Rios is a hot Brazilian girl. The scene begins with what your wearing only a small shirt and a pair of yoga pants. You know how plump ladies watch some asses in those pants. Well, Aline does not disappoint. She goes into her routine of stretches and yoga poses. All hot and sweaty, it's time for a bath and masturbation. Now she's warmed up and ready for a cock. We match it with Tony and chemistry is there. Hot anal action in it. See. Three teenagers went to swim practice in the front seat of a faded blue pileup, a Chevrolet Impala. The brunette girl in the middle front of the driver, "Hey Andy, you will get to know my older sister, Janet, pool today." "What's the occasion? She wanted to withdraw my abs while I'm in my tiny Sunga?" "Oh stupid, she's too old for you!" Karen slapped his leg. "She said she would be in the region and wants to say hello. But I know she is really there to check the diver College, Sullivan." "Your sister can not do that! She has a boyfriend," Karen Aline friend redhead said. "I know, but it's like Janet. She always wants to look and fantasize." Karen had the affection of her new boyfriend adequacy Andy. She liked to flirt with him in front of his best friend, but it made her feel compassion for his friend at the same time. "Thank you, Andy, to give us a ride to the pool."


She nudged her knee with fingers, emphasizing its sincerity. Andy laughed his seriousness, "Karen you kidding? Ah'll be a hero, once people discover Ah has to be in the same car with you two beautiful examples of female flesh Hot Smokin '!" Then he answered his body language with an exaggerated raising his right hand and then a sudden closure of his thigh just above the knee. "Horse bites!" He shouted. Karen screamed and writhed in her fist as she laughed and playfully slapped his hand joy. Aline, in the window seat, was a little sad for his fooling around. She was very shy and reached a top through their antics too long side bangs. Aline had beautiful thick red hair, he could not enjoy it because it made her feel different. Also, he dominated his two friends not because it was so big, but because the two were so small. Aline was well aware of the differences in size and tends to fall to compensate for that. Aline took a couple of legitimate reasons to feel insecure. She was always a bit crowded which led him to be even quieter than it was natural. And at times like this, watching his two friends to play horses, she took off all smiling to bridge the gap between his front teeth.


Aline saw his best friend with envy. Karen spoke with ease and flirted with Andy while looking very cute and small. He had black hair and eyes with a sharp mind. Karen had the kind of confidence that could never be near Aline. While Andy was just a recent member of the local swimming team, was delighted Karen quickly in a relationship of friends. Meanwhile, Karen could feel that his good friend had become sad, and she could not guess why. Karen likes to be in control of their environment and makes it uncomfortable when her friend was sad. Andy and Karen nudged silence press, rolling his eyes toward Aline. Andy smiled let Karen know you have received the message. "Oh no!" Andy said as he raised his hand threateningly still good, "I think the dark forces commander by the hand of another horse bites!" He continued to run the car on the way to the left. Karen hurriedly covered her legs with her arms screaming, "Do not you dare!" With lightning speed Andy reaches beyond his girlfriend's legs to grab the bare thigh of his best friend, "HORSE COCK!" Aline was totally surprised and shocked. She screamed and screamed and jumped as Karen car zigzagged down the street. Andy laughed hysterically and Aline shook his thigh a good bit before succumbing to the need for safer driving and objections Karen, "Andy, you can not just take the leg of my best friend that!" But the three of them were laughing and no one was the least bit angry. "Andy, you must be crazy!" Since then, did the trick. Aline had a radiant smile and even sitting without the normal fall. A little attention had been encouraged to get up and had suddenly felt herself well. Andy was through comedy routine objections meet his girlfriend. "These poor voice in my head 'he made me do it." The girls laughed and continued, "Oh, my God! Look Aline great legs. These legs should touch the sky." Karen followed suit, "Well, you can not touch the legs of my best friend!" Aline said enthusiastically: "Yes!" But clearly he enjoyed being the center of attention for once. Karen continued: "But since you're desperate to know, I will touch the thigh to you and tells you what it is." Karen put her hand on the thigh of his friend and co sensually moved under shorts Aline to hip. Aline stood like Karen spoke: "Well thigh is very soft, especially his inner thigh." Karen moved his hand slowly and gently. Aline looked at the bug-eyed Andy and she spread her knees slightly while moving forward on the seat. Karen said, "Do not worry Andy. I do not think you would!" Karen withdrew his hand and Andy faced with a beatific smile. Aline laughed with joy and moved his legs in a sneer. The girls seemed delighted that Andy could torment. A pained expression crossed his face as he watched Andy on the road ahead. "Ah can not take this!" No more hand to the right of Andy warning Karen flew to the upper leg naked Aline. Before anyone could react Andy shorts girl Aline lifted all the way to her thigh and "accidentally" touched the back of her hand against her vagina, swimsuit cover. The two girls started screaming and giving up her hands aimlessly in the air. However, Karen and Andy did not attempt to physically block Aline ago. In fact, Aline kept her knees apart and do not pull back on the seat, even if your legs vibrate with all the excitement. Andy's hand and screams of the girls stopped suddenly withdrew. Karen took a breath to make a statement when Andy pulled his hand back short Aline. His fingers danced along thigh again, brushed along the swimsuit, and actually entered the opening leg of their pubic hair suit Aline finger. Aline has not always close her legs, taking his hand, or far. But their cries from several octaves higher and many decibels. Karen was slapped her arm while returning both hands on the wheel. "What is your problem?" Karen shouted as he continued to hit his shoulder, but is not very difficult. Andy just grimaced and shook all the time. Despite the indignation of the girls, it was clear that the three of them that this game was just teenage fun. Andy stole a glance at Aline to ensure that did not anger. She was flushed with excitement and always smiling away. Andy's eyes came down to see the chest up and down with his rapid breathing. When he turned to her, Aline was looking at her and had taken clearly ogling her chest. In that instant smile they both knew they were faking "touch" extra-personal that was an accident. Karen sat between his arms crossed, clearly not as angry as she acted. Andy smiled. "Hey Karen." He said humbly. "Than?" He barked. "You were wrong. I liked playing Aline's thighs." Karen responded with blows to the shoulder again, but this time difficult. The three of them with fun affable smile. Andy and Karen looked up to Aline. Aline was sitting without a collapse in the side of the car, beaming with pride and beauty. Karen face Andy worship, Aline rolled his eyes, and secretly placed in the mouth the words: "Thank you." There is simply no limit to what the young man will do for your girlfriend happy. Suddenly, Andy leaned forward squinting at the road. "I look at this bullsheeit yuh?"

Andy grew up in south Louisiana and had kept his Cajun accent, with a scandalous behavior, and language of debauchery, even in mixed company. What he saw several cars in front of a cyclist was in the middle of the road blocking traffic. "There is a road next to the bike path and that son of a bitch has to get in our way!" Andy exclaimed. "Aline, roll in me 'Ah window so he can say something tuh". As Aline rolled down the window, she and Karen exchanged expressions of panic. They were obviously afraid that Andy could cause problems. Aline took the initiative, "Okay Andy, I'll talk to him." One by one, before the cars were finally able to move around the man on the bike. He was tall and wore a T-shirt Florida State football. Aline level and Andy stuck his head out the window. "Hey mister, you're blocking traffic. Can you please use the bike path?" He looked at his sentence and pedaled as he said, "There is a bike path, is a sidewalk." Andy and Karen could not hear Aline and asked in unison: "What did he say?" Without turning to answer Aline looked paved road along the highway. There was clearly painted a picture cyclist on the road. "It's not just a sidewalk! It has the image of a bike on it!" The big guy on the bike Aline looked with disgust, "Fuck You!" Andy and Karen still could not hear: "What did he say?" This time, Aline turned to his two friends in the front seat of the car. What they saw was a transformation in the face of Aline. His skin was the color beet and clenched teeth in a fierce smile looking. His friends both said, "Oh, shit!" Andy continued: "It's going to explode!" Aline almost threw out the window, half of your body runs out of the car. "Fuck you, asshole!" Not knowing what was going on, Andy immediately pushed the throttle. Securely fastened in the middle Aline lower body and the upper half Karen flew almost parallel to the ground. Aline flaming red hair whipped wildly in the wind as she flipped the bird with both fists and shouted, "Son of a bitch!" They have a safe distance on the road before the car slowed Andy and shouted: "! Damn, gurl And ya'll say Ah'm crazy" Aline leaned against the car with the help of Karen. Aline hair and clothes were torn, but his skin color had returned to be simply rinsed. Andy had difficulty driving as he watched her breasts rise up and down. Aline calmed down and said: "This man began to" By the time they got to the pool the three were able to laugh more intense burst of Aline!. The pool: The pool was always full of recreational swimmers, but the girls were able to detect the older sister Karen Janet pool and approached her. A lifeguard was busy installing cork for the next practice swimming and accidentally fell on Karen and Aline. Janet said with a smile: "Hey idiot Watch where you're going!" "Oops, sorry!" The guard stood, a little confused. He turned to the three girls. His eyes went directly to the two teenagers before deciding on the recognition of Janet. "Oh hey, you're one of the girls diving back!" Janet smiled and made feature maneuver as he spoke, "Yes, I'm Janet. And you're Sullivan, gross bothered me on the trampoline." Sullivan laughed, but looked around to see if anyone has heard. He replied: "Just doing my job," MAM "He hesitated and added: .." Your girlfriend called by diving lessons " "Yes, she told me that ya'll will meet on Friday for a beer and then come here to practice. This girl is serious about good grades, but I think she is interested in you or you would not go to so much trouble . Be nice to her. " "Wow, it's good to hear! And of course, I will be a man with her." Janet touched his arm and joked. "I'm not saying you should be a gentleman" Sullivan and Janet laughed and continued, completely ignoring the two teenage girls standing there. Janet Sullivan sign signaling that he must return to work for the establishment of water lines. As he moved to the side of the pool, Janet turned to the girls, "Ooo he's fine!" The three girls looked on his shirt and bathing suit while the taut strings and to connect to the poolside channels set. flexed their muscles and long legs trembled with its rear end. Janet continued, "Look at that ass!" She held her hands close to her thighs and said: "Can you imagine the equipment in their hands as greenhouse?" She followed with a guttural, "Mmmph!" Janet had closed his eyes and now open to see the expressions of horror on the faces of the two girls. "I guess you can not imagine." The duo Janet looked like he was crazy, and Janet laughed. "I bet in the next two years, you will learn all these things two men." Seeing their skeptical expressions Janet continued: "Trust me girls, and soon you'll end up like me at the moment you are just 18 years old and still in high school for years, which were isolated from the rest of the world .. swimming with your workouts.


The good news is that you can expect an exciting moment finally learn the kids. " Karen grimaced at his sister, then turned on his heel. "Let's Aline, we must change to practice swimming." The girls dressed in silence, until Karen spoke: "Do you think we will not notice Sullivan in these new tiny bathing suits?" Karen was looking in the mirror in the dressing room as she asked the question. His costume was a shirt thoroughbred racing red piece that completed his complexion, which is composed of dark hair down to his shoulders straight, dark eyes and creamy skin. He moved his hands in a smooth motion across his chest, staring at his reflection and that the dress barely covered her small chest. He turned sideways to the mirror to examine the large cut of the suit that exposed most of her butt cute tear. In the mirror, I could not see her friend Aline, wearing a bright blue version of the same color. Aline antics and imitated a blind person. With an exaggerated way voice and Sullivan, Aline joked, "Oh, sorry girl Oh, are you ;. Have you seen Janet?" They both laughed, and then continued Aline. "Honestly, I think there could have stolen and had kept talking to her sister." Karen nodded with a serious expression. "It's probably because she has breasts." Automatically, the two looked down on Karen's chest as she spoke of herself. "This I is just pathetic. The best I can say is that I prominent nipples. And at least I have an abdomen eight package through swimming. Oh, wait, some of this is that my nipples. I have a six pack Only ". Both laughed in a way that showed that they were really comfortable with your situation, even if they complained. Karen Aline observed and commented: "Look at her breast." "You call that a breast? These are just the pectoral muscles with nipples on top. If I do not lift weights for sprints, I'd just like you. That's what the pool to ourselves." However, they both knew Aline was being nice. Aline had beautiful round breasts that rose in his chest and beat the top and sides of the racing suit. Compared with her boyfriend and little distance swimmer, Aline was tall and broad-shouldered. He had thick red curly hair that she kept quite short, and her skin was very white. A trait shared with Karen Aline was a prominent and round butt, it was not large due to the exercise of the pool. Her beautiful ass in particular stands out today due to the difference in color between light blue suit and pale skin. They picked up their goggles and swim cap and then entered the pool area. Karen Aline had become as he spoke. "Sullivan can not tell us in these new clothes, but I think Andy." "You're absolutely right, I realize! Both are hot in those costumes! And who is Sullivan?" "Do not!" Karen and Andy Aline screamed in unison next. Karen looked behind Andy Janet walking towards them. In a very anxious whisper, he said, "OK, OK. It's just a guy my sister being checked, so do not bother me because Janet knows it." Without turning to look at Janet, Andy spoke aloud: "Well, I've never met your sister, but she can not be that bad!" He turned and grinned and said, "Oh, is this your sister Wow, she not bad looking, after all?" "Very funny," Janet said, clearly enjoying the attention. "You must be crazy Andy Karen was talking about." Andy again with a fake expression Karen injured Janet continued, "Hey Karen, I will not be able to keep seeing ya'll swim I'll see tonight at home.." Janet moved to and managed to attract the attention of girls. She told Andy and uttered the words: "It's cute!" He gave a thumbs-up sign. The three teenagers chatted and began to stretch while waiting for the pool to be ready to practice swimming. Meanwhile, Janet was near the exit like a big guy in a T-shirt Florida State hastily introduced. She said, "close the pool for swimming practice" in their way. Andy saw him immediately, "That idiot on the bike!" The girls looked at confused about him, but Andy and rushed to Florida State guy was literally twice the size of Andy. The man muttered angrily: "I know you are here The car is in the parking lot.." Then he was able to look past Andy and identify Aline, "HEY BITCH!" This caught the attention of all. The lifeguard, Sullivan got up and started walking toward them. Andy was disgusted. "Mah Dat girlfriend who speaks!" which of course it was not quite true, but the giant did not know that. The boy slowly lowered his eyes to this high school in a Speedo. The expression of the great man has gone from anger to form a cruel smile. "Would you look at that? It's an elf!" And he achieved great leg before pushing Andy retreated to the edge of the pool. Andy jumped anger in an attempt to turn back. It was a futile effort. The big man did not move. Andy then easily grabs in a bear hug. The boy in the State of Florida and Karen Aline looked sadistic joy saying: "Let's see what it takes to get a pot of gold elf" He turned and pulled out the back Andy Andy. hard against the front of his shorts motorcycle. It was an impressive show of domination fours, clearly intended to humiliate Andy. "MAN, you must stop that!" Sullivan called as he approached the commotion. The big man looked at Sullivan and lost its grip on slippery squirm as Andy. Andy squirted free and fell into the diving pool with a little awkward. " The giant turned his aggression towards Sullivan. "Do you think FUCKING GUTS enough to arrest me?" It was Sullivan. Higher head with elbows back, he pushed his chest forward in the face stagnant Sullivan classic games. Sullivan started looking around nervously for a way out of this. Andy called out of the water, "you're an idiot!" and he splattered the pair. The big man immediately responded: "I'll kick your ass These cycling shoes cost more than a hundred dollars!". This comment seemed to trigger something in Andy. He immediately began splashing gallons of water at the foot of the great raw, and did not prevent splashing. In a rage, the great man said with the football shirt and began to take off his shoes, splashed with Andy all the time. Sullivan spoke with the great man in the sound of water splashing, "Do not go in the water." The great statesman Florida Sullivan stared coldly as he continued to undress her short cycling pants. He seemed more angry than waterfall in its curved shape. "I warn you. Do not do it!" The big brute Sullivan gave what was to be his favorite remark, "Fuck You!" To be a great guy, it was surprisingly quick. He made a first jump right into the belly of water on a Andy surprised. The surface of the water was boiling with waves, big and small fists fists. Karen and Aline had nowhere Sullivan stood. Karen shouted: "! Please do something he will drown my boyfriend" She made a gesture as if he were in the water to help. Sullivan quickly put an arm on his stomach, pulling her back from the edge. "I do not want to do anything. We'll see how she did her boyfriend." Sullivan does not care to intervene. But he had learned through the discipline of athletics and through his engineering studies. He preferred to see how the situation would unfold before acting. The water stopped beating and the great man was floating in the water with force, slamming his head for Andy. Andy popped to the surface about ten feet away. "Hey Fat-Ass!" Andy shouted with a fountain in the face of well-directed man. The man was obviously an athlete, showing great strength as he grunted and hit into the water on Andy. With a powerful kick, almost out of the water, landing just above Andy. Panicked, the two women released shrieks. Sullivan gently hold much back as he continued to focus on activities in the diving well. Aline called, "Please, someone ..." Andy then reappeared and disappeared in the middle of the deep well. It was hard enough just treading water to get his mouth just above the water surface and say, "Fat-Ass!" The great man had no idea he was in serious trouble. In a fit of rage, he ran to Andy, who was not there. The big man started strongly, looking around. Finally he pushed his face into the water for Andy. Seeing the pool Everyone felt that a turning point occurred in the events. It was like the opening scene of the movie "Jaws" when a swimmer is innocent he jumped underwater hold public confusion and screams in terror. That's what happened to this great fool. He was shot as a stream of bubbles. When he finally took to the surface gasping for breath, which hit the water with arms outstretched, totally out of control. Andy surrounded the prey of evil, floating low in the water almost like a crocodile. The big man almost got his composure back and started throwing wild punches. Andy disappeared with just a bubble to mark the spot. The big man was forced low even longer this time. When the great man finally reached the surface was no pretext of fighting him. His expression was pure panic as he noisily sucked in the precious air. But only half a breath before he was underwater again. When he finally emerged above the surface that had clearly lost energy. He gave up and began to row towards the side of defeat. But I was wrong to think that it was more. From behind Andy's hand appeared at the head of the great man, grabbed a handful of hair and sank back while pulling toward the center of the deep waters of more torture. Again and again, the giant tried to get out and weakens every time Andy brought him back to deep water, soaking it. The pool atmosphere tensed and Sullivan people began to look for some kind of help. Sullivan lifeguard training had taught him a swimmer in crisis continue to be sought in the pool until it is hope. But when the swimmer turns his eyes to look at the lifeguard, it's time for a rescue operation.


The big man finally looked up for help. But his expression was miserable with the awareness that it was Sullivan, who was the only person he could turn to for help. Andy also looked at the lifeguard. Andy Sullivan has waived for the great man. No soaking, Andy skillfully used a sailor to pull the exhausted and desperate for her hair to one side of the pool man. Sullivan pulled so that the elevation of man, but the body of another was immovably on the terrace by the pool. Activity in the rest of the building resumed preparations for the practice of swimming, pretending not to have noticed a problem. Sullivan sat with the great statesman of Florida while recovering. The man pulled out a single sob of relief that he was alive. He was physically and mentally beaten. "It's going to be OK?" Sullivan asked. "Yes," but he lay on the deck. He did not move or even open his eyes. Sullivan quietly said: "You can be lucky These Coon-asses are usually very friendly, but can be deadly when they are crossing If you had been in the country south of the Louisiana swamp, it could have been much worse.." . Sullivan helped him get his stuff together and leave. The three teenagers were standing in one lane swimming view. Girls still shaking, but Andy seemed happy and basically acted as if nothing out of the ordinary. Aline was particularly upset. "Andy I'm sorry, I got into a mess with that monster. He came here to find me, and you made for me. I need you!" By Andy jovial manner that first looked at his girlfriend Karen said, "Oh, I'm sure I'll come up with a way for you to pay me."









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