Lilly Banks

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Very pretty and slender 5'4" blonde bombshell Lilly Banks was born on November 30, 1990 in Detroit, Michigan. Banks started out in the adult entertainment industry dancing at the strip club Hustler Detroit. Moreover, Lilly also worked as a waitress at both Red Robin and Applebees prior to getting involved in the adult film industry in May, 2012. Among the notable companies Banks has appeared in X-rated features for are FM Concepts, New Sensations, Immoral Productions, and Pure Play Media.

Lilybanks doing homework on her laptop and her boyfriend, Bruno entered the room and immediately began taking under her skirt. She told him to stop because he was busy with his homework.





He reached his ass and pussy. He pulled her panties aside and began to nibble on her pussy and ass. Lily wanted and could not concentrate on his task. She finally got too distracted and put the laptop away. She told him to put his penis in her pussy. She sucked his dick and got her pussy. She got man juice all over her pretty. Lilybanks was very interested and wanted these men. I quickly realized that my wife even took some more daring pictures that had not been aware and sent them to the boys who are drawn. Some of them included in sexy positions, even playing with herself. The emails went on and increased erotic discourse ignores every man was part of a group. She does not believe that everyone knew and until I told him of my plan to go to the casino for the weekend, they did not know the fantasy was about to come true. Once I told my wife Lilybanks the weekend at the casino, which grew anxious and excited. I said, "Hey, maybe I'll even luck as in Paris." I knew she was excited, his face shone and his smile grew when I finished the sentence. He has not made concrete plans with the seven men, but knew he had the whole being mean to the region this weekend, hoping to meet.

Sons of bitches we thought with Lilly, when we were having breakfast on Saturday, already calmer, and relaxed after so much milk, we were caught by a dozen guys and I do not have a good memory, Lilly said it's crap, and they did an anal inspection, deep, and we have no results, hahaha we laughed, the two perverted, but Lilly had strong bruises still, we laughed a lot we went to the apartment because the other girl was returning that same afternoon, being at 2 o'clock on Saturday afternoon we went to the pool on the terrace, this time we were different did not matter we had no fear, I did not care who are watching me or not, I think Lilly felt the same, swam for a while and in a corner of the pool without anyone it bothered us we started to play, we garchamos on the terrace, and we sucked all the tits, the ass the shell was a porn novel on a terrace we were hot 2 young girls, with the ass well broken little we did not care anything, gave everything the same throw the towels, the floor and totally naked we sunbathed, it was Saturday so the masons were not, no one to shout things to us, the night came we asked for food, and the little whore from the banks he tells me that the pizza delivery man was there, we laughed, and when he brought the order we brought him up, when the skinny man sees me he gets everything cooped up but my young friend tells him to come in, we sit him in an armchair and we tell him what happened the other day, we counted Everything, or we call the police, he says no please no, and he starts telling us, that the piza that I received the night of the orgy, was sent by the masons, who did not want to go to his house, why had a couple of little whores around the back who had warmed them up, one of them crossed over and I noticed that they were alone and hot, he gave you a piece of paper, on the paper he said leave it all open now we are going to go to you, you did not read it. The paper comes to my head and I remember that my friend throws it away, and I leave the gate open, and we were at the bottom naked smoking ... So they went through and they were caught because you wanted, or not ... We remain silent and ask for more details, he tells us that a couple of masons came the dentist of the return, the delivery men, and you caught everyone I was a while and I left like almost everyone ...

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