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I do not remember in what moment we were totally naked, but it was wonderful, the hands came and went, caresses everywhere, kisses in the whole body, all without having to penetrate more than the mouth with our tongues and fingers, playing with ourselves; time was no longer important, how much? I do not know, I really do not know, one hour? about 5 minutes? the truth I do not remember, I just remember kissing her breasts, sucking her erect nipples. Reality did not know how much time passed, but the atmosphere was already ... as who says heavy, without saying anything without whispering or a word, the room was filled with sexual desires in a terrible way. And of course the desire was rising more and more, I remember there came a moment where he sat on top of me I felt all that wetness, the desire was not lacking, of course not, the desire to throw it in bed and eat it all ... Of course not, but how was I going to do it? even more when I knew I was drunk, and to top it off I knew he was straight !! hahahaha I was at a crossroads, I know you would have done it, but I am a decent girl, so I did not do it, I dedicated myself to masturbate while I kissed her and dedicated myself to the breasts, and as her breathing, beats, increased while her body shuddered .... Pussy, I think it was the best orgasm she had, because when she drowned her scream with her hand, and imprisoned me to your breast, I felt how her world trembled ... yes. I had done it, and it did not take me long to come ... not late, and what did I do! Like any decent girl, I got up as best I could, I changed it to put a shirt, a shorts, and I changed.


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