Devon Lee


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"Well ... no..I means occasionally there's a girl winking or something ... it's really not easy to meet people."


James looked up and smiled. "You mean you're a good look movie star who does not take advantage of his female fans ... interesting." "What do you mean?" He asked, trying to sound naVve. "Devon really ... why invite me? Playing cards? You were looking at my breasts for 15 minutes now." Devon was embarrassed. It was obvious they wanted so small, just does not have the patience to play the game. "Ok..I'm you..I attracted just wanted to talk to you alone for a while. I thought that send signals and I do not know ..." "Did not you know? You wanted me to turn to you and I kiss lip open?" "It would be good." James stood up and went to bed sat in Devon. She leaned over and kissed him. Slowly at first, but then deeply and passionately. Both began to breathe heavily. James looked deep into her eyes as she lowered her hand to her squat and stroked his huge erection. Devon moaned, feeling that was about to explode. "This is what you wanted, right? I am yours Dev ... I know there's only one thing on his mind." "Oh, yes," he said. "I love you so much ... I want you naked in bed." James took off his shirt. She was not wearing a bra and exposed her body in Devon. "Do you like my body?" Devon could not move his eyes. He swallowed hard, still panting. "I love it ... I want it now." Devon grabbed her waist and began to caress her body, studying every inch. He stroked her beautiful breasts and played with her nipple rings. Then he reached down and began stroking her vagina, more and more excited to hear their cries. "Yes ... Devon Now I want you ... I want you inside me." Devon could not take it anymore. He had his kiss. He quickly removed the fence watching intently. He removed his shirt revealing her perfect body. Follwed impatience while his pants and exposing his erection boxer took off 8 inches. Soon they began to make out, kiss and lick each other. Devon pushed in bed As fast as he could, took off his shoes and then her jeans and underwear. He leaned over her. He groaned as he pushed his cock into her body. James grabbed Devon's ass as he pulled in and out of it. The two were moaning loudly and holding all coupled shaking give all in all a very good idea of ​​what was happening. Devon did not care. I was about to experience, enjoy and hard. Despit his vast sexual experience that could take longer. I could always wait until the girl he has an orgasm pleasure, but King James was too hot, and too excited. He let out a loud scream when he came. Long weeks of hornyness exploded inside her amazing body. He leaned back as James put his head on his chest. He has five minutes to catch his breath. "Sorry, I have come so fast. Do you fuck?" He asked. "If I am fine." "Ugh ... it's just that, with this body of yours, it's hard to hang on .." "Okay Dev, I get a lot. I knew I had Devon". "You did it?" "Of course I do. You're hot Devon. Whenever you work closely with someone so hot I end up in bed with him. Tonight, you're Dev."






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Devon looked. She loved being with someone so warm and open about their sexuality. "The night is young." He said. "A lot of things I still want to do. I want you to be on top next time. After a few minutes, Devon James noticed it was new disc. James began to lick her smooth muscular chest. She gently sucked her nipples as she moaned. "Yes ... I love him ...." Slowly he took his penis in her body and once she was inside, began to move his pelvis in the front and back deftly make it faster and faster moaning Devon redoubled. His hands were lying on his right and stared at the face. His eyes were shut. She stroked his face with his hand and ran through the hair is. She smiled to herself. She was still taking another hot young actor. Just when Josh Hartnett kissed when they were working on "Pearl Harbor" and as she fucks Brad Renfro when they worked on "Happy Campers". And now it was Devon Sawa'a cock was inches deep in your body. Carefully she pushed her finger in her mouth and started sucking away your joy. "Oh James," she moaned. "Oh James ... James..Ja ..." very hard Wine, yet not be able to open his eyes. "Wow," he said. "Gender amazing, I loved it when I sucked her nipples." "Yes," she replied. "Josh Hartnett loved him too. I did that all night." She continued to talk about his sexual adventures with the different actors in Hollywood. These conversations were hard and hot Devon again. James looked at his erect penis and smiled. "What do you want to do now?" Seconds later, they knelt in front of the other as Devon rubbed his penis against her nipple ring. Hw began to moan as James grabbed his tight ass every moan. After he arrived, he looked at her breasts cum-covered. "No one ever asked to do this before, he said. I go to the bathroom to wash," he said, and walked away as Devon looked at his naked body. When James was about to leave his trailer Devon turned to him and said. "You know ... to always have a few days of shooting, I do not think you have any plans for the next night" Devon smiled charmingly. "You Horny whore." "I told you," she replied. "If you work with someone as hot as you I have to kiss her."



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