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After some time, dirty doctor Tim accepts a new patient. Clea is a Czech chick, she got sporty lean body, smaller natural tits but very nice shape. As usually, the doctor runs several routine tests, including a palpation, throat exam, speculum exam, vaginal cleansing, fucking machine therapy, and in the end the girl also provides a sample of her urine.

It was the first time I went to the gynecologist. The nerves made me be at the door of the clinic that my mother had reserved an hour before the appointment. That having to open my legs in front of a stranger was terrifying. They were not prejudices, but it is true that I wanted my doctor to be a woman. It is always more comfortable to show all those imperfections that complex you before someone of your same sex. I thought of my flabby legs and I think not very well shaved; And in my vagina I had never seen her very closely, but I had the feeling that she was the ugliest in the world. Typical bullshit that you think before entering this query for the first time, or so I wanted to believe. The truth is that all these thoughts invaded my cloudy mind during the fifty-five minute wait I made in the bar opposite the office. With a coffee in your hands. Disjointed ideas stalked my neurons, while I was still going. Thinking that the more I reflected on my fears, the faster time would pass. Although I was not aware of all this until someone tripped over my table and spilled some of my coffee on the floor. Then I left the self-absorption in which I was. I looked up, looking for the guilty one with a look of hate, but before I could say anything he went ahead of me. "Forgive me, please," the most attractive man I had ever seen told me very regretfully. It was to look at his fleshy lips and all the ills passed. I could only articulate three words: "Nothing happens." The rest I left to my blushers, which soon activated which red traffic lights, to alert the boy who had kidnapped me from the bottom of my thoughts, that something very prohibitive was going through my mind. Although he didn't seem to care much, he was in a hurry and left the cafeteria terrified.


That allowed me to compose myself and look at the clock. For a few moments, he had lost track of time. Luckily, there were still two minutes left before they gave me the time for my appointment. I took the jacket and the bag; and I left almost as quickly as "my savior" - if it had not been for his awkwardness, probably today I would not be telling this story, since I would never have made my appointment with the gynecologist. Well, apart hypothesis, the case is that I arrived on time. In fact, I had to wait sitting in the little room next to my doctor's office for another ten minutes. My mind had once again dared to abstract. They were the nerves. I was sure. I knew that there was not much left for them to announce my name and begin my particular way through the cross. Everyone had tried to calm me down, but the feeling I had believed that it was not far from that of an animal when it went to the slaughterhouse. It was pure drama, I knew it, but my mind couldn't stop. In the end it happened. My name was heard in the distance. It was a young and masculine voice. It will be the nurse, I thought positive. I could not imagine that my gynecologist was not a woman. My mother requested it. Although what she never told me was that it was only a simple request that the clinic could respect or not, depending on its availability. And indeed, and much to my regret, there were no women available that day.


I went into the office and waited standing at the gynecologist's table. The same voice that had called me asked me to make myself comfortable, that he was not long in leaving. That was when the palms of my hand began to sweat in abundance. It was already confirmed. My gynecologist was a man. My mind thought about running away, but my body didn't have time to react. Before I could blink, the doctor entered the room I was in. At first I didn't even look up, I felt flushed, but he didn't take a minute to recognize me. "Wow, what a coincidence, I apologize again," he told me. "Do you know me. What do you know me about? "I thought. At that moment, and bewildered, I had no choice but to look up. Then my life stopped for a few moments. "It was him. The pivot that had thrown my coffee in the bar opposite. " For a moment, my head thought of crying and laughing at the same time. I could'nt believe it. I couldn't have met him in another circumstance, I thought. Besides, it wasn't very well shaved. The panic began to get me drunk. He realized that I was not comfortable and began to give me conversation. First he asked me about my medical history, but it didn't take long to start talking about other things. There was chemistry, it showed. It seemed that I had forgotten why I was there, when suddenly "my savior" asked me to go inside, undress from the waist down and put me on the couch in what he was preparing. Nerves seized me again. I could not believe that I saw my intimate parts so closely and without having had an appointment before. I laughed for a moment when I was aware of the thought I just had. I obeyed the gynecologist and waited for him on the stretcher in the position he had asked me. It didn't take a minute to enter the room. And without much thought, he started fiddling with me. At first I jumped. But I soon got used to having his fingers inside me. I don't know if it was the result of my nerves, but my mind started working again. And unintentionally, for a few minutes I felt pleasure. My groan left no room for doubt. He was aware of my enjoyment and did not want to stop. At first I thought that was normal, but when his other hand began to stroke my chest, I had no doubt. The party was starting. I have to confess that the situation didn't bother me at any time. Upside down. And that he noticed quickly. Without a word, he pressed me against him, and kissed me on the mouth, running his tongue over my entire palate and tongue. At that moment, I began to feel the hardness of his penis through the pants, while his hands ran down my breasts and buttocks while he pressed his limb more and more against me. My vagina began to secrete abundant juices and I began to feel crazy desires that it penetrated me right there, without waiting any longer. In fact, the risk of the nurse entering and seeing us in full swing put me more. Lying down I watched him come to me, naked, with his erect penis, and I couldn't like the scene anymore. The pleasure I felt in those moments made me drunk. He lay on me, and his member penetrated me without any problem or greater waiting. My vagina was waiting for him soaked. Not more than two seconds passed, when I felt his penis inside me, going through me. He went to the bottom and left almost to the entrance on successive occasions, in a wonderful swing that gave me an indescribable pleasure. We soon began to moan with pleasure, when suddenly, and just thinking about it, I ran to my liking. The orgasm came to me without warning, intense and strong. The muscles of my vagina closed tightly to retain the member of "my savior." A gesture that soon produced its effects. His orgasm burst by surprise at that moment and made mine go on longer as he felt his semen spilling into me. An unforgettable feeling. A unique experience. Since then I go to the gynecologist at least twice a year. At the same, of course.



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