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They took me to a hotel where we eat a little, drink a lot and then go to a room. I'm with a man. A much older than me, but physically, intellectually and sexually attractive man. He is my master now. I gave him a week ago. We had shared fantasies on the Internet and found we had a common interest. He is personable, protection and experienced. I'm young, only 20, very innocent, often disappointed by men and shy to explore my wishes. I am so shy I could not imagine letting a man see me naked legs wide apart. This man, my Master, opened a door for me and why I am here tonight. He told me nothing except that I'm happy to be here with him. He and I ate at the restaurant on the ground floor, also managed me with maybe a little too much vodka and coke! I wear my black cocktail dress, black patent leather high heels and black stockings. My underwear is lace, pretty panties and French are white, matching my bra. The hotel room is spacious and airy. It is noteworthy that there is a king size bed in the center and a desk near the window. My love will not let me sit down, because it is suddenly knocked on the door. He opens it and inaugurated three men, none of them know me and all much older. I feel excited and scared at the same time. I am an attractive young woman now locked in a room with four men and I can not resist what my teacher has planned. That's what I always wanted to secretly control taken away from me and I could feel an increasing moisture in my panties as I get excited with the reality of what is happening. I asked to be quiet and surrounded me, hands smoothing my dress and through the curves of my breasts and bottom. My master unzip my dress in the back and slides over it to rest on my waist. He told one of the men to take off my bra and clumsy hands quickly closing until it is taken away from me and my firm breasts total free fall of its appearance. It is only a short time before taking another step and cups in hands, gradually increasing its kneading and pressing, I roll with his attentions, and pinching my erect nipples and pulling them out, lengthen and making me gasp. I can not complain. I have been instructed not to speak at all. As my nipples get this mockery, others are now pulling my dress to the ankles. For the first time in my life that I am standing in stockings, heels and lingerie in front of four men. It makes me tingle of anticipation. Everyone is watching my lace panties, strange hands above them touch me and feel my legs shaking. My teacher asked me to take my pants. Hesitantly, I slide my thumbs in his belt and slowly closed his eyes in shame, I will get into the triangle trimmed pubic hair and my thighs quivering white, I taught muscles effect of high heels, I'm still using. There is a chorus of whispers and gasps of admiration as I stopped fall clothing lace my ankles and recovery. I was told to get out of them and I carefully lift each foot, keeping your knees together in an attempt to maintain some modesty I step on the side of my discarded underwear. My teacher gets my panties pavement and supports the cotton gusset for each program in the man to see how I became wet. I would be embarrassed, humiliated, but circumstances allow me to enjoy its intense interest in my body and my juices. Every man pressed panties nose, breathing deeply through my creamy smell of my body moisture, he left. I can feel more leaks. My teacher chooses a man and gives the delicate wet cloth, 'A souvenir for you, "he said.






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I was told to stand still and that men are walking around me taking my most private parts. My pussy is covered with a duvet, topped V-shaped, dark pubic hair a stark contrast to my white skin. No man, therefore he had exposed me before. I inspected with special attention to my breasts, buttocks and pubic. Hands touching, caressing, exploring. My teacher took me to the table by the window. Sunlight is scattered by a steep long between the real world of my fantasy here. I stood on the table, then I pushed forward to look into it. My arms reach to grab the edge of the polished surface, but my teacher pulled my arms behind me and my wrists handcuffed. My breasts are pressed against the cool wood. Now I completely feel your appreciation, thanks to my Master. He speaks and tells me to open my legs. I move my feet a yard away, but it's not enough and I feel someone grabbing my ankles and move to a much larger position. Everything must now be obscene exposed to these foreigners. I can feel the fresh air in the room in my wet pussy and my anus. You should be ashamed or do they want to see? My master looks at me and whispers. "I'll leave here every kneeling between her open and examine legged man. I'll let you touch and feel and feel within yourself" and adds "good girl", patting me on the back, it makes me happy that I give please. It stands beside me I'm moving back. Then my Master down and grabbed my ass firm, quite apart from exposing. At the same time I feel other hands in my pussy. Fingers or thumbs are placed on my outer lips and prices outside. I am open up. I feel the hot breath on my pussy and then a survey, a finger its way into me, turning, feeling every part of my body. I can hear my juices as wading allows the finger to explore and as he brushes my G, I involuntarily shudder with pleasure, feeling breathless. Lips fingers are separated and heard a muffled conversation, expressions of approval from my pussy taking place between my legs. There are several fingers inside me, pulling me open, so they can look inside myself. I'm fucked by several fingers at a time and gently rubbed my clitoris. This is heaven. I'm so wet and I can not stop being the dog of my Master made me. someone whispers something to stick in the ass bitch and I feel a finger, soft with my pussy juice, probing the tight cocoon of my anus. Grows, then jump inside. It is not uncomfortable, although I'm an anal virgin and nothing is ever inserted in my back before tonight. Then two fingers are there and there are still many fingers in my pussy. They grow together, rubbing the thin wall of skin between the anus and the vagina. My teacher brings a big black vibrator in my mouth. 'Suck it, you little bitch. Get wet so we can fuck her. "I open my mouth and grows, too far and gag, but I'm starting to suck and I can control the amount in my mouth. During this time, my ass fucked by several fingers my pussy too. One of the men is running his fingers through his pubic hair and asked my teacher if you can shave. "Maybe at one point," my answers Master. "But first I want to see one plow in the air Small dairy "and he takes the black dildo in my mouth, going to someone behind me. It's a huge dildo and I'm terrified that he does not fit me. I think it pressing against my sweet entrance, rubbing up and down to lubricate head. So I cry. One of the men struck up, fill me suddenly, stretching my pussy young. With as fast as is gone and my pussy gaping sucks air. My love riding on the table in front me, his big erect cock in his hand. "Now bitch, you can suck me all my friends fuck her pussy and ass" and he pushes his cock between my lips. I eagerly sucks; I want this man so happy. I can feel the vibration reintroduced, but more gently now and I am getting fucked with her, relentlessly, penetrating and removed, led by an invisible hand. There seems to be several vibrators. Now pressed against my clitoris and other is pushed into the ass. It feels smooth and much smaller than my pussy. I still stretched wider than ever, but I manage. My master monitors activity between my legs I eagerly sucks on his cock. He has his hands on my long brown hair, twisting and pulling me towards him. Now someone was licking my clitoris. Printed urgent gestures of a foreign language are pushing me closer to my limit. The dildo in my ass is out and someone lick me there, forcing his tongue in my ass and led me wild. All they are masturbating while they play with me and I suddenly feel hot cum splash inside of my right thigh. It tickles, as it begins to run down my leg, but the feeling is overcome by increasing my pleasure to serve this stranger cum; my body has served a need. My teacher pulls his cock out of my mouth, "time for you to take in her pussy my little whore," he said and told the men to help me get out of bed I took across the room and put it in my back. For the first time I see the lust-filled eyes fixed on my tits and pussy. It's like they do not have a head, all attention is on my genitals. A man kneels behind me and put his testicles in my face. "Suck his balls bitch," my master and I obediently opened his mouth and take in the hairy scrotum above me. Man gives a grunt of satisfaction and gently suck me, using his tongue to move around balls filled my mouth. Then my Master told the others to lift his legs back and apart for him to get to my pussy. The hands are on my thighs still I hold me. My breasts are tight and twisted and I can feel my Master rub his penis against my pussy. "The celebration of his cabinet," he shouted as he sank into me, holding my breath. Then he took me hard. Someone rubs my clitoris and it feels so good. I'm sure soon enjoy, but I wait for my Master. "This is what needs little disgusting slag said." You're just a little kiss, just a warm body, wet to meet our needs. You're just a cheap whore. "He continued me scolding as his enthusiasm grew, but it gives a tough final push, digging deeper into me and now, screaming in absolute pleasure. I am immersed in a haze of desire and knowledge other roosters around me, each of them being frantically rubbed to relieve his own sperm. My teacher used my own hand to rub my clit as he pressed his hard cock in my pussy. I'm so close to coming. Panting now, little moans pleasure slip from my lips. The men are inciting me with calls as "Go bitch ... CUM! and "this is that you have little sour, keep your hot wet pussy while I cum on her belly. to my climax It goes back and begin to reverse hard. My fingers on my clitoris are replaced by others who constantly rub and can not control my spasms of orgasm, hard maneuvers against the drain valve even his hot cum from my master in my pussy. My teacher is removed from me and told the men to pull my legs even further back, exposing the tip of my ass to everyone's eyes. He now supports his hard cock against my ass yet. "The initiation time breathing as he slowly makes its length in my virgin ass. It hurts, it hurts a lot and I grin and mourn, trying to squeeze the return valve out of me. It's unnecessary meddling is unstoppable and soon he is in a rhythm, in and out and the pain begins to turn to pleasure. One of the men slid his fingers in my pussy and fuck my pussy with them. The sensations are heavenly. My teacher encourages them to finger fuck my hands and the looting of my pussy. I see the black dildo in one hand between my legs and pushed into me. I am full of vibrant plastic cock and pumped hard and fast by the two arms. My lord look me in the eyes , holding my eye and both reach a crescendo and climax together, my ass never taking his first load of cum. Since he retired, he told me that every man must now be satisfied. He told me all my holes are filled at the same time, and men will turn, each mouth, ass and pussy in turn. My principal has strict rules here. No other man can have in my body, so that every man should use a condom, even suck cocks. It is my duty to launch a condom every faucet and released my hands at the wrists, I do it as smoothly as possible, make sure you are tough. I spend the next hour and receive sucking cock in each hole. Exhausted, I finally let me lay sprawled on the bed My legs are pushed further apart and feel the sensation of gliding shave my pubes, taking off my light thatch of pubic hair. My teacher is standing behind the man do that to me, look at my pussy is pushed and pulled as the man gets all my hair. Then I photographed. Especially my pussy is photographed relaxed, tense, parted lips, fingers and pushed deep into objects ... in all positions. I mean the man who shaved my teacher asked me to keep the pubic hair and my master told him to try to keep her .... 'masturbate happy, "said my teacher. They dress up and go, thanks to my teacher for a while. A man walks through my prostrate body and pushes the black dildo more or less all the way in my pussy and left me there and everyone laughs. I hear my teacher say that there will soon be another occasion, he said the dog needs a good lay seriously and the group should be much larger. I feel my pussy starts to drip back into the thought!



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