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Over the years, word of mouth spread and Cali, in New York, the house is Cumfiesta fame. Today we served until Lacey who came all the way from Pennsylvania to enjoy semen. She was a little shy, but do not worry, once we had her playing with her pussy young man only wanted cold hard cock!





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Lacey fucked in every way and loved. It really was an epic moment and one for the books! CumFiesta alive! Lacey, she looks amazing! All for me? ' Removing the mouth of his sex, his right hand still caressing his balls, 'No way baby, all for us ............... " After a slow deep last suck cock, she walks Carrie and raises his right hand to sit, eyes bright, but soft for most body. "No, mpfff," she moaned through the gag as Lacey slowly massage her right breast. "What about Eric? Everything the doctor ordered? Lacey, who does not look like what you want to do this, are you sure? "Devouring the two beauties half naked with his eyes. "What choice did Eric? I gave him a little something to relax, she can piss and moan all you want, but it is our toy night .........." Finally the girl in bed shakes his head and found his voice. Unintelligible through the gag, eyes dripping tears of frustration, and maybe a little scary. What was your friend had for her? Slowly pulling the gag her little mouth, Lacey gives Carrie a long, slow kiss, slowly licking each of his lips. "Do not worry dear, the gag is just for fun, no one can hear us here. We have the place to ourselves, Eric and I need a distraction, and you're it! Carrie looks worried as Lacey replaces the gag. Lacey slowly removed her bra covering her small firm breasts, Eric still OK? Nothing more to say "god ...... Eric approached and stroked her breasts, she had fantasized about for more than a year since the last lamp carefully. Finally gain courage, throws to his feet and slid his hands to Lacey firm muscular ass and licks his way down her neck, stopping at each nipple, holding in a standing position as he feels his legs tremble slightly. Sliding her thong and pushing down on the bed, slowly licking his way to his left thigh , reaching her shaved pussy gently. licking gently up and down like a cold, sometimes touching his tongue between her large labia of her now soaked wet pussy. First licking several times and then down. Pressing slowly his third finger deep in pussy earned him his first sigh of pleasure Lacey now in trance. 'Oh shit ... that feels good. " Knowing your interests, Eric gently licks her wet pussy, kissing the flesh between her pussy and ass for a while, before black kiss and then firmly pressing his tongue into her ass hole now exciting. God, you know what I'm Eric. Shit, shit! "She cries, leaning his head firmly on his lower body and turn around so that it is standing in front of Eric now, pushing him to the ground. 'Oh no no you link ... "she said while moving his weight and standing. Getting around and grabbing her ass, gently sit up in bed, his head resting against Performs right leg. Taking his mark, Lacy front ramp, pressing her wet pussy on his face, grinding the way she knows he loves. Approaching climax, Eric overthrow, licking his left, then the right breast, still enjoying the closet soft grips on the screen. Repellent, Lacey rises and now angry brunette beauty stops, holding firmly in front of her, squeezing her breasts on each side of the girls under raven head. Seeing the opportunity to play with Eric reached two firm breasts Carrie. Although not very big, they are huge in her small body. "No, stop," is all that comes from his small mouth, 'No, please. " Seeing that his objection is that without enthusiasm, Eric continues to explore her breasts, first with each hand, and then his mouth, while encouraged by Lacey. Firm but flexible. Oh, the perfection of youth! Reaching down, sliding his black chain reveals a second playground clean-shaven. Pressing a finger to his lips protruding releases a torrent of requests drowned STOP. The small hand fighting around some, but less than expected to drugs that travel through your system. Only your mind is clear and mouth ... "God, let me go, Fuck, stop, I'll kill you! Please leave me alone! Arises as Eric continues to massage her pussy lips and slides a finger into her hot pussy. "Please, get your finger out of my pussy, enough! I do not want to fuck tonight, stop, stop! Ohhhhh, Lacey why are you doing this? Why? Seeing an advantage to do what she says, Eric eliminates the figure of the crime, but briefly pressed against the small ass hole Carrie, sparking a new wave of fury. After enjoying her ass for a few minutes, the finger is removed and the crime slowly walks back now able to lean against the wall, pulling Carrie fit and support your weight against his chest and penis now congested. Without saying anything, Eric's, extends beyond unfortunate girls and working his erection pressed into her pussy slowly. No .... not fuck my pussy, not ........... "but it's too late. "Damn? Eric asks?" It feels like a little pussy tight pussy for me is a baby? It is? ' "Oh ... math! It hurts, my cat ... pussy. I can not stand it! 'In fact, the chain of love was narrow, and not as deep as the length of the intrusive element. In deeply and firmly against its depths, Eric smirked as it comes again and again, apparently against his will. "Well honey, maybe you better? Whispers as he slips his now well lubricated cock out of her pussy gaping and press against her ass. Finally found the strength to move his body despite medication, Carrie twisted slightly, trying to close her legs and a long series of shouts of "no" as he himself deeply based in his anal canal. Slowly at first, then gaining speed, Carrie Young almost gags as he degrades his young ass. Sobbing softly at first, eventually it breaks into deep sobs, his body ravaged by emotion. 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .... "She cries." Please stop, please, please! Oh ..... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, "she cries and again as Eric takes his anal virginity. After hitting and out of her now gaping ass and seeing that the girl is completely gone, Eric turns his gaze lace, with glazed eyes, his smile inviting clearly ... Together, Carrie was lying in bed, feeling slowly Lacy each of her breasts and ran his hand between her legs. "She is still wet Eric .........." 'Are you?' he asks in response as you turn around, forcing her to pull half in bed, half price, your ass up right on his tail. First fucks her pussy and ass enjoying every feeling her tight holes can provide. "Oh, God," she whispers. "Also good. Oh .... Come on, ohhh ... ' Lacy little bitch bitch, God, I love you bitch said exclaims while pressing deep into her ass now open. "I'm about to enjoy the honey .... ' They cum with Eric Lacy masturbate furiously pumped his load into her ass. A few minutes later, as Eric dresses, Lacy speeds, gives him a big kiss. "I know we can not do that Eric often, but I love it when you're in town ........ I fuck better than anyone. Please come back soon."



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