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"Arise, Liza" he said. Liza is a little old sexy 18 who loves sex. She loves sex, she loves men and loves a big dick. More best for this girl. Teens love huge cocks, but this teen can not seem to get their fill. Her sweet, pink pussy is tight and pure, but can swallow a cock like nothing. Liza seems pure and sweet, but when you're near a big cock, it becomes a voracious hunger monster. Look at this little sexy pink sweet 18 was ruined by a huge cock and then pray for a load on her pretty lil face. I took his hand and got up to my feet. My knees were weak, almost buckling, so I was happy to support. "What are you going to do?" I heard him ask, finally. For more than 24 hours was the question in my mind. Those six words were spoken long ago. The hours of uncertainty, fear, fear, torture would have been eliminated. But I did not say it as a challenge or warning or protest, but as a sweet interrogative. Marc has me in his hands. I felt fear and humiliation as a child whose fate was in the hands of others. I could not think clearly. I did not know what would happen, how to act. "Shh," he whispered in my ear when he turned to me and the guys came up behind me, arms crossed in front of me the whole arms. "So, tell me how did this debt," the boys approached. His chin played softly on the top of my head as he spoke. Her tight against my body and I could feel his hardness against my lower back. My pussy contracted involuntarily to touch. My eyes the size of saucers espionage charges. They became an accident in a kind of perversion. I tried to find my voice, but Marc spoke before I could. "Ah, espionage, right?" I turned slightly in his arms and tried to see his face behind and above me. He held me firmly, however, and covered my arms against my side. I could not believe that Jake would make such an accusation. The audacity of these two young people had shown to me in recent times has been to start adding and weigh much. "And when you say she should, what you have in mind?" Marc asked. Now, suddenly, two on the couch lost their languages. Former boldness disappeared; they were again guys. Shy. They looked at me then. I thought for a moment I felt an exit, that would explode again. I could relax. "You think you should get to see it. Is that all?" Marc continued. The boys were obviously afraid to answer a direct question. They looked and stirred in their seats. I held my breath, wondering if this was an attempt by Liza Rowe for the boys see the absurdity of such a request, or if he was putting words in his mouth at my expense. "Do you think I undid the button?" mocking voice said as his fingers gripped the second button from the top of the dress. I breath and put his hand to her, as if he had defeated the top before they arrived. "Like this?" He had done. My hand was over his movements, as I was riding a wave. I looked down to see what they saw the boys. My dress was still holding its own, slightly open at the front right under my nipples, firm. Marc's hand returned to my waist to reach the other hand, and mine was on top, rest. I am incapable of individual movement.




"Or like this," our hands have taken a back-of-the down button and quickly defeated. The hem of my dress was now open to the bottom of my pussy quiver. "Well?" he asked. The boys showed renewed vigor, but still have some doubts. Like me, he did not know where he was going and what should be their participation. Marc was mocking them or give them a show? "Can I cancel a pair" Jake asked, deciding to know once and for all. Once I tried to turn to see the face of Marcos, but he grabbed her wrists and held firmly by the side arm. "Sure, it helps." Marc's answer hit me like a thunderbolt. My knees buckled, but Marc did not leave me upright. My eyes welled with tears. I felt trapped, humiliated. "It is, after all, she owes. We always pay our debts, which does Liza?" My mind was raging on high "no" voice, my brain told me to break, running for my life. The tears began to roll down my cheeks. "Yes." I heard myself say. To date, I do not know how it happened. I lowered my head. I could not look at the girl who had risen from the couch I unbutton. I closed my eyes. I felt his hand brush my nipples, and they went to the button. I breathed fast. I felt the air stream in the chest, as the opening of my dress grew. The next button was near my navel, and was shipped quickly. The robe opened in the company; I could feel my nipples apostasy. I opened my eyes to look. Yes, my nipples were on display. I looked into the eyes of my executioner. What I saw surprised me. Jake was a child, wide-eyed and trembling. I was shaking more than I do. There was a reverence in his eyes that I had never seen, never enjoyed by the children they began to see my chest to school. "You want to finish the job, Sam?" Marc asked. Sam was standing next to me and quickly defeated the remaining buttons. My dress fell completely open. The boys were locked on my freshly shaved pussy. "Wow!" They say. I tried to bend my hips, my legs move in a way to limit your perspective, but Marc gave me a little shake and put your own leg between mine, forcing apart. I had the idea, without delay and respected. I stood as straight as I could, my legs apart, eyes straight ahead, now dry. Once it was installed in this position and Marc felt powerless, he pulled my arms to slip the dress off my shoulders. I stood bare foot. The cold air played in my skin. "Is this what you had in mind?" Mark smiled. "Wow, this is so great," Sam said at the end. "She is beautiful. I can feel her soft pussy just once?" He begged. I gave a start, but did not move. "Did you hit?" Marc asked. "No," Sam said in disappointment. "Then you should not she who." An awkward silence followed. I stayed there the three of them looked at me like I was a statue in a museum. "Hey, it's time to eat," Mark finally spoke. "I'll put the steaks on. Salad Liza you with what the 'fridge, and Sam, you and Jake comfortably at the table. " I turned to Marc, a little surprised at my ability to do so, finally, to get my dress. I thought the nightmare was over. As I turned, if he saw my dress got to fly to the basket. Made a "basket", he gave a little victory dance, and went to the balcony without catching my eye or another word. I went to the kitchen for salad. I guess the other person would have run to the bathroom and closed the door. Looking back, it appears to have been a reasonable response to what just happened. He was fascinated? I was completely overwhelmed by Marc? Maybe I'm both. Perhaps, too, I'm being pulled by something in me that I could not identify yet. For some reason, or reasons, I took the big plate of vegetables that had so eagerly prepared earlier in the day from the refrigerator and returned to the dining room. The boys were on the table, sitting quietly in the waiting. When I got to the corner of the head turned towards me, eyes fixed. I smiled. Yes, I smiled at them, even slightly tilted his head in a friendly way. They returned my smile. Their expressions are not only children but love. Gone aggressive air that had felt before. Instead it was the grace and charm of a child. I put the bowl in the middle of the table and turned to settle into my chair. Sam jumped on me and held me politely when I slowly sat on the leather-covered seat. He was cold and sent a chill through me. I thought the ice cube saw a man in a movie apply to your lover and suddenly I understood. "Okay, the steaks are very advanced," said Marc as he arrived from the balcony. "Umm, this salad is excellent!" He sat down and lifted her fork, then paused. He looked at me and smiled. I could feel their pride, loving adoration.



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