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Lullu Gun and Evelina Choky and Tony met at the local fair in Budapest. At first, the girls were a little shy and reserved, but after some time, loosen and asked the guys for a favor. Lullu and Evelina were visiting Moscow and were looking for a place to stay. Choky and Tony could not believe his ears and decided to leave immediately with the girls! The result was a pure delight. Lullu Evelina and become whole and complete monsters.





They released their sexy lingerie and the guys gave their lives around the bitch! Oh, but she was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. His swollen cock, his eyes were glued to the mirror. He could see his body convulsing, toes taut thighs were reported. Nicholas gasped softly as she opened her eyes in the midst of his orgasm, smiling like the cat that got the cream. Leila had always been a pretty girl, had firm breasts and a cute little shake in his background. In the handful of pleasure she was exquisite. Her skin glowed under the water droplets from his shower. Its red rosy cheeks. Nicholas was difficult to determine where to look, so I just watched his eyes when looked happy. And now, he sucked her nipple, his body was placed between her legs. Nicholas squeezed her breasts and then moved his hands down to lift her legs again, spreading his body on the worn chair. Evelina was stunned. Her clit throbbed in time for the pull of his mouth. His father. Pope. "Mmm," she sighed, her legs, her body heat sensitive teasing pussy while the button of his shirt and touched her swollen clit. "Dad. Dad .." Every time she said, has increased pressure on the nipple, his breath giving away his excitement. Leila was excited, too. His hands slid down to touch his face, stroking a moment before she left. She shuddered as her nipple 'jumped' from his mouth. "Dad," he said with a smile in her eyes as she stopped to kiss. Nicholas stopped. "No, I do not love you, Evelina. I'm going to hell." He shot her nipples, looking like he was waiting for his assent. Evelina closed his eyes and nodded. His distinction became strangely so dirty. Your child. Nicholas reached out and wrapped in her hair. He gently pulled her head back, then lowered his lips to the hollow of her throat. He pulled harder when she sighed. It looked like a pained expression crossed his face. "Lulu". The name does not ring true. Sexy. He liked that. "Horny old guy .." Her voice was soft, lifting the end of the word, just as he had when he was young. His tail moved into his pants. It could only keep saying that word and just that and go mad. He smiled and pulled back. "Ahh, sweet Lulu. I'll fuck until you can not even think." He held a hand grip on the hair, the other, he slid down her body, starting between her breasts and ending at her pussy where her fingers middle and ring inside. Fucking younger girls bit her lip and made a choking noise in his throat. He is having had a very intense orgasm, feeling his fingers was almost painful. His hands rested on her shoulders, her fingers clutching, biting his nails into his shoulders reflection. His father seemed to notice his discomfort. Hand in her hair straightened her back down on his back, holding his hips as he pushed his fingers deeper. Your middle finger is swirled around the tip of the cervix. It was tight. Pervert guy asked if he had ever been with someone, but decided he did not care. "Leila". His voice was soft, almost singing. Pervert guy smiled at her daughter, eyes making a slow journey down her body resting on the lips of the lips where they were opened around her fingers. "Lulu. You make me so hard. When I arrived and have seen .." Nicholas paused and smiled, pumping his fingers slowly in and out of her young body. His eyes closed. I was going to enjoy this. When Nicolas was twenty, he met a beautiful monster; irresistible and intense, mature and mysterious. Ten years his senior. I could not say no. They had an appointment three months, after which she calmly explained that she did not want a long-term thing and went home. Apparently, a husband and two young children. Nicholas had not heard of it. Six years later, he returned home to find his monster parked on the sidewalk, Leila located in the front seat, his course. It seemed that the husband noticed that Evelina could not be his. It was a difficult divorce, ruined reputations, names of drugs through the mud. The long and short of it: Nicholas became a single father in a wink. No idea how to raise a child, a girl, who had failed helplessly for several months. Leila was a casual girl, Nicholas remarkably patient and forgiving to be an unfit father. It took a while, but eventually found his rhythm and the rest is history. I had never imagined it would cut their fingers deep into her slippery pussy, cock in his pants shrink. Now he knew there was no turning back. Pervert guy took the fingers, bare bare foot as fast as he could, his body humming with anticipation. She was so fucking beautiful. There was a pink glow on her soft skin, her nipples were very hard, and the pearl in his small firm thighs he was in hiding. Evelina watched him undress, looking through her lashes. His body was tense. I had never been so excited before, and his mind was confused with it. When he undid his pants and dropped on the floor, he gasped. Leila had never seen the tail of his father. The desire had never been there, nor the possibility. His lust in which he meant it was a new development, and allowed to devour him. When the last obstacle has been overcome and stood naked before her, Leila's breath caught in her throat. Its tail was beautiful ... for lack of a better word. It was thick and long, curving his abdomen proudly. "Daddy," she whispered, her voice soft and thick. Leila stood, leaning toward him and lick his basic tree to warm, fragrant head, hands on thighs. "Oh .. His cock, Dad," Leila whispered, stroking her soft flesh against his face, licking the tip with your sweet tongue, curious. She looked at him, evil eyes as she licked it like a child with a lollipop. Pervert guy buried his hands in her hair and pushed his cock in her throat without ceremony, smiling sadly as she drowned in it for a moment, teary and wide eyes, and watching him. Gradually, she threw her head back, giving the opportunity to catch his breath before he plunged back into the mouth of the school. It was an exciting mix of sex and innocent, but after several attempts, easily swallowed, her nose brushing against him as he kissed her on the mouth. His tight balls. He pulled his head back and forth faster, once, twice, three times before leaving and just pushing it around her back in the chair before losing control and did everything in his throat. Evelina gasped, his face careless with excess saliva, his swimming eyes. Nicolas knelt between her legs again and smoothed his hands up her thighs, his fingers touching her slit, but they offer nothing more than traveling down. He wiped his chin, looking at his hands enthusiastically. He was not looking at her. Instead, Nicholas watched her pussy apart and shiny wet. Leila wanted to fuck. She does not have to be coaxed along, I was ready for him. But he stroked her thighs and looked at her pussy. The air was fresh in her pussy and she shuddered and convulsed. Nicolas watched with a smile on his face.









>>> Complete Euro Sex Parties Videos <<<





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