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It's a dreary day in Brazil, but the sight of this girl brightens everything up. The beautiful Perla Bombom is sitting alone and looking too good not for us to try to talk to. It doesn't take long before she's up and posing for the camera showing off her plump tits and juicy ass. But she can only tease us so much on the beach before we have to rush home and get a better look at what she's got hidden under the layers. She shows us her bonbon butt and big beautiful breast as she strips down for the camera, teasing us and masturbating. Tony jumps in soon enough and pounds that ass and pussy proper. Perla is left in an ecstatically pleased state with her ass covered in cum. So I do it again. The whole routine. We do this about three times, and finally I get the hair and bent his head back, and she gets that look in his eyes, I know tell me what is the reality. She's scared, but he also knows that in fact can not resist if she wants, and knows what he wants, and I can see in her eyes and she knows that I can see in your eyes. I start lead it back through the door and then to my room, and she's taking these small steps, without saying anything, just looking around like a rabbit, his eyes darting everywhere. I begin to undo the . her blouse buttons His fingers come to stop me, more or less, but it is such a weak effort jeans So - .. and it works all the time, doctor -. I slide my hand down very fast in his pants and my fingers start to tighten and pounding pussy and she's like so wet. So wet. And she knows that the game is over. And close your eyes. She sighs. It melts. She knows this is what he really wanted. What you really want in your interior. What every girl seems to want, doctor. He had no time to answer, but just carried on. "So the next thing I'm hearing is groaning. And she is saying" Yes, Jesus, fuck me, please fuck me I'm so hot. "And so. I can not get the clothes nearly fast enough for her. And she runs about four times. Scratch my back to hell. So that's what it is." He leaned back, almost like a child waiting to be given a reward. Perla Bombom took a sip of his own water, and throat with his fingertips cleared. She could feel her skin was red. "And it's always like this, Alex? You think all girls are like that? That's why you came to see me?" He was silent for a few seconds. Oh, no, I do not think all girls are like that doctor. They are. But that's not why I came to see you. These are the thoughts I have. They are a bit more extreme. More extreme ... All right, tell me. You really want to hear this, Doctor? You look a little upset about it She forced a smile and nodded. Oh, no, Perla, do not worry. Believe me. I've heard it all. For some reason, the need to show that not discouraged, not afraid. Yes, fear. That's what it was. And she does not want to show it. He leaned forward again. He checked his watch. Fifteen minutes. The building was quiet. "My thoughts are more ... ummmm ... violent, doctor. That's the problem. In my fantasies, I do not want the girls go so easily. I do not want that occur at all. I have to hold mouth with hand before shouting. GAG with my tie or scarf. I want to have to tie them, tie them to a pole or a bed or a chair. Tear your clothes, cut them with a knife. Forcing them. Really strength. So I want to see your eyes when I touch their pussies. Slide your finger across the groin, and see her eyes as my fingers dip into their pussies and are soaked. This is the moment of truth. I want to see it in your eyes. When they know that I know what you really are. All under every bad girls. Even the most beautiful girls. Even very good." It keeps the balance. She swallowed in silence, then took his bottle of water and drank it. Ladylike. He did the same, only he drank. And he wiped his forehead. The tie that hung on both sides of the shirt began. He did. He sighed deeply and sat down. So you feel better now, Alex, talk about it? Yes, I think so. But I do not see why I worry. You see I think about it often. I look for a girl in the street, you know, that takes a look at Starbucks, or in a bar. She recrossed her legs and pulled the hem of her skirt. So you have your own fantasy of rape. In general, of course, is upside down, but it remains a fantasy, Alex, and that's what we have to remember. Many people have all kinds of fantasies. Flight . Low pool the ocean. The fair maidens from dragons. Killing foreigners. Just remember that they are fantasies. He looked at her, rubbing his lips with his index finger thoughtfully. He said nothing. He checked his watch. She closed her notebook. But you are afraid of these costumes is that, Alex. Maybe even once came close to experiencing them is that? We should talk about it, I think. The next time. But you feel better, at least for now? He nodded. "Yes. I. So I think the time is up. This is how it works, I know." He leaned his jacket, then your bag squash. I got up. He rose. She turned away to leave. In the office door, he stopped and turned. "Doctor, I have to ask you something. When I was speaking, I was blushing, her skin was full of color to the neck. He made you nervous, right?" She looked. Around his neck, he was coloring again. Perla, we need to talk about my reactions are - He stepped forward, closer to her. She stepped back. "You were afraid, Doctor. Because of how you reacted?" It was, in fact, very scared now. She gathered all her control. Perla can talk about it next time. For now, we're done, right? That's why the appointments are one hour. Avoids patient let go. He was taller than her by about five inches. His eyes, he realized, were quite a steel blue. Blond curls out of the top of the shirt. Sweat on his forehead. You're washing now, doctor. All the way up the neck." He slowly pulled the lace which hung around his neck. Hand quickly, the open palm, fingers spread was. She shook her head. She opened her mouth, but she was too slow. Everything, it seems, was very slow, as if suddenly moving in a drugged universe.




The flavor of the tie was not what she expected. It tasted like paper. Her eyes were wide with fear. She muttered, but he took the tie back in your mouth. He looked intense, possessed by such insane sanity who knows exactly what he's doing. I could feel his breath on her face, but all I could smell was the smell of his own body, his own sweat, which was now beading on his forehead. He was pushing back against the chair. His hands gripped the top button of his jacket. He tore into pieces and pulled down over her shoulders. Fixed arms. His vision was getting blurred through her tears. He pushed down on his chair. She kept her legs closed tightly together. She growled every few seconds, unable to make any sound. He is hoping that he was just acting something. Waiting to wake up and realize what I was doing. He put his hand on his chest, forcing the stay in place. He realized he was too exposed in only bra and skirt. His face La Perla bra with beautiful lace work, that perfectly fit your 34C breasts. Her breasts unmarked, 34C. "Very nice, good doctor." He ran his fingers over her bra. She cried harder then. Tears ran down. "Do not move." His hand moved to her throat and her eyes grew wider suddenly feeling his fingers around the neck muscles. He reached in his squash bag, pulling up into strips. The rose before her. "Belts boats," he said. "I had to choose a friend who asked them paid. On the way here." He quickly disappeared behind it. Incredibly quickly felt the strap around your chest, above her breasts, then down, then pulled tight. So tight that he felt the air expelled from the lungs. before she moved. He took off his shoes. He then began to fight seriously, twisting, kicking. The next thing he felt was suddenly flying head, as if it had been torn from his neck. Then, the clamp burned. I was stunned. For a second, she even asked where she was. He had reached. He hit on the cheek. She froze. Still stunned. When she felt his hands doing something with his feet. Tie the ankles. Then pulling them back. The riding skirt and legs. God. She tried to close her legs, but it was impossible. I was in front of her. "Very good, good doctor. You liked my stories, I do not mean deep. You do not want to admit it. But we do a test, right?" He leaned over and pushed her skirt. She cried. Tears streamed down her face. He leaned forward, inches from his face. "I hear." I could feel his breath on her face again. But still, all I could smell was his body. Sweating. Cold sweat. "Listen. Let's do a test. If your pussy is wet, then you are released. But if it is wet ... well, cute doctor ..." a cruel smile stopped and glowered at his face, the face. His hands slowly down her thighs, over her soft sleek pantyhose. Only now, only at this point, his hands sliding down her hips to grab the top of your socks, made her start thinking about her vagina. Oh God. God. She prayed.



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