Piper Perri

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Piper and sat down slowly, knowing he was still cum I allowed to run at their own pace and needs. She leaned forward and held her with one arm, the other winds down and gently scratching her clitoris, her hair still wet tousled over her face, her eyes alternating between open, half closed in a state of joy and well-sealed and ecstatic, while dropping deep sighs and quiet moans. I ran my hands on hips and outer thighs, and on your lower back as slowly got me. I raised bed waist, gently get up and impaled to the hilt. She shouted with joy and suddenly stopped to savor the feeling.






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He reached out and gently grouped breast and suck the other as she moaned. "What do you want me to do?" I asked. In a flash, he was beside me and lying on his chest, her beautiful ass in the air. "Fuck me hard!" It was his only answer. Without hesitation I was behind her and she grabbed me and guided me in your warm moist. Once inside his hand he never left her pussy, running around, feeling and rubbing her clit. I arrived with my finger and gently rubbed his back. He was even beginning to push back against me as I slid in and out. She grew up with her hand on her clit and suddenly closed her pussy on my cock and she came hard. His body shuddered and came across and grabbed my balls and stroking, alternating between rough and sweet as her orgasm came and went. Her moans alternating between short and forceful, and long and soft. Once recovered Piper, I was still going in and out slowly and gently, she pushed two fingers inside her slowly, pushing his knuckles on the bottom of my cock before removing moisture covered. She put a finger on either side of my cock and squeezed it, and I knew it would not take long to get to feel my cum eruption balls. She must have realized this and move quickly folded disengage us, before turning around and grabbing my dick. "Cum on me!" He said as she pulled me out and pointing my cock in her chest when I got all over her breasts. My eyes widened as she rubbed her breasts lightly with one hand while still milking me with the other. I knew she was very sexual, but it was more than I expected. Once she was sure she had come to the last drop he leaned forward and took me to the mouth, wiping my dick. "Hmmm," he purred, "I like the taste of us." I got my wish. She leaned back and used both hands to his chest, rubbing my fall in both breasts. "Come on!" She asked after a while when she got up and dragged me into the bathroom again, but this time the water ran in the bathroom. I watch as she sat in the center with extended hose, washing my cum off your chest. It was incredibly sexy. "Do you want to come with me?" She purred at me, before putting the plug in the drain to fill the tub and added some bubble mixture.


I jumped in the water rose above us, and ran the Sudd covered my hands on the body of Piper, as happened to me. I leaned against the edge of the tub and she relaxed, her back to me. I gently rubbed her shoulders as the lower legs with a hand rubbed and rubbed arrived at my neck with the other. We sat for a while and have plunged, with plenty of gentle caresses, our soothing warm waters, and like the rest of the night, saying nothing. Soon, however our needs took the best of us. He rose out of the water and sat on the edge of the tub. She spread her legs and ran her fingers through her pussy, all the while looking at me with eyes half closed eyelids. I knew what I wanted, and I leaned over to run my tongue over her again, focusing on her clit, sucking slowly to keep the mood. Running the language of your back all the way to her clit back and forth, and then sliding it into her pussy again and again, I could not get enough. We exchanged places and Piper gently sucked me while stroking my smooth balls. It tongue runs along each side of my stick, and then directly below and a smooth sucking a ball, before sucking my back. It was like he was trying to replicate what he had done to her in everything she could. After a while, the water started to get cold, so we went up there and towelled off. When leaving the room, she reached into her purse, pulling out his camera. With a twinkle in his eye, he asked, "Can you take some action shots?" He handed the camera to me and lay on the bed. She spread her legs and began to play with it, running her fingers through her pussy lips before slipping inside. I could not believe that your strength! I took some pictures close his hands full in his brilliant pussy, before changing the settings to make short films and started rolling the camera, taking pictures of your finger sliding in and out of her pussy over and over, rubbing his clit. I took some pictures of him before returning to the movie mode and have a video of me running my tongue over her clit and her pussy. We continue with photos and movies she sucking me and fucking her in different angles at which the camera can still be performed. Everything was very different for me and I was very, quick couplers and then switch to reset the camera position was beginning to make me lose hardness. Now I know why professionals have fluffers! Piper rule out the camera and take me to the terrace through a sliding glass door. At this stage, most of the hotel was in darkness, but some people were still in the pool below. It even seemed that a couple was entering the spa together. He leaned over the railing and presented his back to me, completely naked and visible to anyone who looked through the glass that held the rail due to the light coming from inside the room. She looked over her shoulder and moved back, his eyes inviting me to impale me on it again. "Come to hell!" He whispered. I would not argue. I took me again with your help. This time, everything was slow, grinding in and out of my whole body. Her pussy was still so wet as when we started the night, and had no problems with my thick on it. I got under it and the light playing with her clit, as she moaned his approval. I was starting to get a little chilly out, so he went back inside. "Lay on your stomach," he demanded softly to me, and I heard her go through the bag again as she let her massage oils. She turned to me and spread a little oil on my back, before rubbing deeply and slowly. It was brilliant! He worked his way over my shoulders and back, and then my ass and legs, dragging her boobs over my body, while her tits oiled slowly from the contact. When he had come to my feet, he asked me to turn, which of course I did. He then worked his way back up my legs, her tits now running on his toes and knees. As she approached my crotch worked hands to my sides and overlooking my cock, teasing me as I continued to my chest. However She left her breasts spread on both sides of my cock, letting it slide through her cleavage with oil that had accumulated there. She then slid down and pour more oil directly on my cock, began to rub up and down, and rotation of the wrist at the same time with both hands. Then he would run his hands under my balls, and push up, allowing them to escape from their hands using the oil. I tried to rub on her tits, but she just pushed my hands.

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