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Jill Kassidy is out at summer camp and misses her boyfriend, but less has a sexy layer mate to see. Anna has no idea that this sweet and seemingly straight girl has the hots for her, she is too busy having fun and pranking the other campers. But one hot summer day, Anna steals Jill's letter to her boyfriend and figures her little crush! Anna refuses to return the letter unless Jill catches her pussy, an offer that Jill can not pass up. Once Anna orgasms goes to the beach, leaving Jill wet, hot and oral pain. She will get her wish when Ana comes back and catches Jill curling up in her panties! These girls are going to have naughty fun all summer long. "Of course," she said. "Why do not you come why?" "Oh honey," Ana said. They kissed again, then Jill opened the door, peeped out and walked casually down the hall to her office, straightening her skirt along the way. She was so excited by the wonderfully simple idea now swimming in her mind, that she just concentrate on her work. When it was five o'clock, he pulled it out, and opened his head through Sally's door. "Hey," Jill said. Come on. "But I'm not done here," Sally said. "Stop what you're doing," Jill said more urgently. "I have a proposal that might interest you." I'll tell you about it at dinner. "What kind of proposal?" Anna asked with a smile on her face. "Let's say I need a partner for a little dialogue game. Jill-. "Que?" Asked Anna. "Let's just go," Jill said. Later that night in Jill's apartment, she and Sally were sitting on the couch drinking wine and dressed in nothing but bathrobes. They had taken turns in the bathroom, and Jill had loaned Sally some of her perfume. Are you sure it will work? Asked Anna. "Hey," said Jill, "it's all fair in love and war, if Stan wants his wounds to be hit by a fanatic at work, but he can play in that game, just remember to do exactly what I said to you. "Man," said Ana, "I'm almost thinking about it. Are you sure you do not mind?" "If we do it right," said Jill, and like the putty in our hands, or rather, as the dessert.


"Ooh," cooed Anna, "I like fudge." "You know," Jill said, "that he mentioned me between fucks last weekend, that he was very excited about the way he looked at him in the office that night, and said he could have taken us both, if you had stayed . Wow, "said Anna," now I'm getting wet, I can not wait to feel it. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Jill showed Sally where to hide. When she opened the door slightly and peered out, a big smile appeared on her face; 'Dessert' had finally arrived. Sam was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. She continued to look around to see that no one had seen her. Over the past weekend, she'd gone into the dark, which seemed like a good way to avoid prying eyes, as well as prevent Jill from explaining why a black man spent so much time in his apartment. Jill Kassidy began to wait for these sessions. At first, she was not very good at masturbation, but with a little training from Jim, she became more adept. It was also her first sperm experience. She was impressed by the way he grunted as his spine shook. He marveled at the way the penis ejaculated in small jets, all over his hairy belly and his hand. He stuck his fingers in the warm pool of white liquid. And, although he had no hand in it getting the part he sang, he left with an appetite for the cock. With time crossed his mind that married men were the most likely to keep his mouth shut. She would feel safe having brief matters with them. The fear of their wives to discover their indiscretions guarantees their silence.









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