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"Oh to be cute! You have hair because, well, it looks like you found some muscles also" Carley passed Rachael's shoulder. "Just do not too much to the gym. You do not want to look like a girl with steroids or something." Rachel James shrugged and looked up. He thought Ronnie and wondered if some people thought of him. Certainly not. As a teacher enters the class of his mind he was wandering. She describes herself as Supergirl. She was in the locker room at the gym with Ronnie circling a weight 50 pounds around the tip of his finger when he was a basketball, or throwing an iron plate, as it was around a Frisbee. She believed herself to Ronnie laughing as he lifted weights 300 pounds over his head, one in each hand. Then Valerie imagined busting through a wall and hit through the wall on the other side of the building. She flew back and hit Valerie send your furrowing parking cars collide. In her fantasy, she would go and pick Ronnie and fly away, carrying him in her arms high above the ground, laughing with him. She would land on the roof of the tallest building, Ronnie gently put before her. Traces its high rate on the cheek and say his name.






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"Rachel James," he said, looking at him, Ronnie's voice changed its master. "Looks like someone's La La Land," said his teacher, prompting laughter in the classroom. As Professor continued roll call, someone threw a piece of paper to Rachel, hitting her in the back of the head. David probably was - an earthquake in the popular crowd. Rachael looked Carley was blatantly turned in the direction of David behind them. Rachel sighed and looked at the rest of the class. Rachel James Sunday met Ronnie at the gym as usual. When she arrived, talked and laughed with Valerie and the girl working at the reception. Ronnie came when he turned to her, smiling, and held out his hand for a high five. Rachael gave him shyly and then looked quickly at the Amazon woman as Valerie. Sweat ran down his abs in small rivers. "Okay, I'm gonna hit the showers. Talk to ya'll later." Valerie said as he left the group. "See," Ronnie said, turning to Rachael. "Ready?" It was a great afternoon session. Ronnie really pushed hard. Certainly, it would be wrong and am loved. What happened after the training was even better. Ronnie invited her to take a smoothie with it. They sat and talked for an hour. "You have my right number?" Ronnie asked. "No, I do not think I do." "Here, I'll give to you, so you can let me know how was the Halloween party. Right?" "Sure, I guess," Rachel said. She trembled with emotion when entering your number in your phone. She could not believe he had his number now. "Now you call me when you go out there and let me know how it goes. Try to stay as long as you can, but if people are bad for you, just leave. It's not worth your time. Do you understand?" Rachael smiled weakly and nodded. "Well, now give me a hug." Rachael leaned over and closed his eyes as he wrapped his huge arms around her for a brief hug. "I give it a C-. You hug me back, it was there!" "Oh. Sorry, I-" Ronnie laughed, patting his shoulder. "All right! I'll see you on Tuesday, okay?" "See," Rachael said, watching him go. She thought to improve their hugs all the way back, hoping that he would get a chance to try again soon. This opportunity came the next week. After his meeting on Tuesday, Rachael quickly wrapped his arms around Ronnie's waist as they left, taking her by surprise. She walked away embarrassed. He laughed and thanked him for the awkward hug. Thursday was much better. It was mutual and friendly, although generic. "Remember to call after his party tomorrow night, okay?" Ronnie reminded him. "I want to hear what it was. I'm proud of you get out of your comfort zone and be present." Rachel nodded, "I will." Chapter 5 Rachel's mother, Nikki, stood at the door of his room watching his daughter with her Supergirl costume. It was a short red skirt, a short blue rope from the top as the most exposed her toned abdomen and had the Superman logo on the chest. It had, knee-high boots and red costume was completed with a red cape coming down to the knees. "Well you do not look ... interesting," Nikki said. "Thank you," Rachael said. He heard the horn Carley hall. "Gotta go," she said, brushing her mom. Rachael continued Carley, opting not to walk with her in case she wanted to leave before her. As Rachael went into the house, she recalled Carley be near her. "Yo, yo, just relax, okay?" Carley reassured. Zoe House was crowded. The elderly and young people in school were present with some seniors who had graduated with a diploma and two years before Rachael. He felt uncomfortable. It was even worse than could hear the occasional "Why is she here?" or "who invited her?" Zoe fortunately ignored completely. This reflex David was there too, but ignored him. Rachael watched without parents. Rachel sat by Carley on the couch. An older man, probably 21 or more, was beaten in Carley - three years younger. He, like most people out there, had a beer in hand. Rachael wanted to leave, but tried to stay as long as he could. After a few minutes of the session, looking around the room while Carley spoke with the boy beside her, Rachael noticed a line had formed in front of a closet door. Has about 10 guys standing, waiting for something. The closet door and a guy who did not know, probably then opened his senior, he came out and zipped up his pants. Zoe was in the closet, kneeling on his nurse costume, cleaning something out of his mouth. The stranger was, and David, who was the next in line, looked at Zoe. "Give me that fucking dick," Rachael Zoe Control barely heard loud music. She saw David go the closest and closing the door behind him. "Ok, so, yeah ..." he said, to determine what was going on in that office. Meanwhile, a guy named Trevor sat beside him on the couch. He had not been drinking. He was a good enough boy to school, not to say, but never actually spoke to him. "Nice suit," Trevor said. "Oh thanks." They sat in awkward silence for a few moments until Trevor broke. He asked the university and some other random things. This chatted for a few minutes, Rachael has not really matter. Then he realized more Carley sat beside her. "I'll be back, I have to go find Carley," she said, getting up to walk around the house. She ducked and weaved past several people on their way down the aisle. He looked in the rooms, but Carley has ever seen. There was an end room in the hall, the door was locked. Rachael came and opened the peep when he heard a groan slowly. She put her ear to the door and 'heard again followed by a loud "Yes!" It was the voice he heard Carley. He realized what was going on in that room and locked the house. She ran to his car and left. She was so angry with her, but shrugged, realizing he was more excited because I could now call Ronnie. "Hey! You left the party early?" Ronnie Rachael said by telephone as he sat at a stoplight. "Yes, it was, well, not good." "Oh, no! Are you okay?" I am. At least I left. So I guess that counts for something, right? " "Of course I do! What are you doing now?" Ronnie asked. "Nothing. The return home". "No, you can not do that! You want to come and hang out here? I mean, you do not need, I do not want you to get in trouble." "Yes! I mean, of course. I would." "Great! Maybe we can watch TV or something," Ronnie and gave indications suggested Rachael. He did not live far from the gym at all. "Shit, look at you girl!" Ronnie cried, opening the door to his apartment to see Rachael in her Supergirl costume. "You look amazing!" Rachael blushed, thanking him. "Come in, come!" Ronnie said. She could not help smiling at his constant, cheerful, enthusiastic. She followed him in his small one bedroom apartment. It felt great. She thought she smelled manly. Ronnie was offered a protein shake with chocolate flavor. Rachel James drank while sitting on the couch next to him. He congratulated his new suit and said he was proud that a little party time to stay. They began to watch TV during casual conversation in the evening's events. Rachael does not mention the son of a bitch closet Carley thought or what has been done in this back room. She simply said that his friend Ronnie does not stick to him. He finished his glass on the table beside the sofa. "Ronnie?" She spoke. "If Lady?" "I'm a little cold." "Aww come here then." Ronnie raised his huge arm gestures Rachael to snuggle close to him. She was a little taken as she was waiting for a blanket, but certainly did not care. He went to live by, leaning against him, resting her head on her stomach. His arm was resting on his hip. It was so heavy and hot. He felt calm and relaxed. He loved to be there with him in his apartment. Within 30 minutes I was asleep.



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