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"Impossible!" she said. "I heard Cindy and she heard glass directly." "This is so wrong. Shae Summers is so serious. This girl is a total skank." I'm crying over this point. I do not know who Matt Miller, but do not want anyone to think I did have sex with anyone. I do not want anyone talking about me at all. I wanted to be away from this place and never wanted to return. The girls finished putting on her makeup or what they did. I slowly opened the door and left the cabin. I was surprised to see someone in the sink to wash his face. He was looking punk girl with dyed eye shadow and thick hair and looked at me with a kind of blank stare and realized my swollen eyes. "Chill out again chick," he said with a little laugh in his voice, "They'll find someone connected to someone next week and they will, but old news." "But I do not ..." I began indignantly, then I ran out of the bathroom. At least if he was laughing, I have not heard that I was leaving. I considered getting in my car and drive home, but my mother did not work and I would return. She told me it would be difficult at first, but it would be better. But she had not come here and the ladies who lived in our block were not such a bitch to their daughters.






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Finally, I decided to go for lunch. I would put up with all the horrible looks and rumors, because I really have no choice. I bought a lunch and sat in my little corner of his own table. Occasionally someone was watching me, but they were made mainly with your system. Now they were talking about me at their tables. I felt like a leper. "Well Barbie, we sit with us," someone said. I shook my head out of my little stunned and looked at the source of the voice. There were three girls standing next to my desk and looked at me with a strange mixture of contempt, sympathy and genuine friendliness. However, these are not the girls usually like to have connected with. The girl had told me was someone who had heard before. I knew his name was Julie, and she was kind of a leader of a small group of punk / goth chicks which was very nice, but very strange. The buzz around school was that they were lesbians. I did not care what they were; I wanted to stay with someone at lunch. I got up without saying anything. Julie was much bigger than me, probably 5'7 and very, very thin, perhaps 100 pounds She had a sort of tip, the shoulder-length hair that is dyed jet black and the type of pasta, something, but not the layer. He had thick, emerald eyes shaded and had put her in very thick eyeliner and black. He stressed his green eyes and actually look great. He had a naturally innocent face with big eyes and soft features, but she had a smile on his face that indicated he was anything but. She had a small nose ring and a ball of metal just under the lip on the right side of his face. Her body was soft, like a model and she was very young beautiful breasts ,. Had a necklace that looked like a dog collar and her arms were dozens of small bracelets that overlaps and jingled when she moved. His arms were thin and elegant. He is wearing combat boots with black stockings term network until a short black skirt. Finally, she had a dark blue tank top trimmed with a white skull on the front. Her milky skin. I could not believe how beautiful she was and why such a pretty girl would not be on the cheerleading squad. The other two girls were obviously their young servants, but were surprisingly nice too. On the right was the girl he had seen in the bathroom before. He was of average height 5'5 and probably no more than 105 pounds She had long hair that was black at the bottom where you kind of growth, but with light blond hair on top. I say small, but it was obviously an intentional look. He had a warm face open and was actually smiling at me. Her thick lips, and I would learn later, a tongue stud. Her breasts were large enough, probably C-cups and had light skin color. He also wore a black skirt, but she also wore a pink shirt tight. His thick eye shadow was pink and she also had heavy eyeliner. As I got up this girl like Julie Tara introduced. "Uh ... okay," I said, unable to find a way to agree to go with them, which was not lame They say nothing; .. It just turned and started walking I decided there was no point in waiting and quickly grabbed my lunch and ran after them. The last time they had been together, Garrett had found he enjoyed watching his wake. Her hazel eyes were warm brown on green, a little cloudy and much aroused. Shae was more flexible after a good night's sleep. He put the flowers on the bedside table for later use. Rising slightly Garrett pulled the rug out from under him and leaned back, exposing her body slowly and with great taste. There was only one word to describe the state after waking his body and was sweet. Her nipples were hard and his muscles relaxed. Realizing that her nipples hardened, Garrett groaned and dropped his head, catching one in the mouth, wanting to get hard feeling on his tongue. Shae moaned softly, his back arched, his other instantly tightening the feel of his mouth on her flesh nipple. On the corner of my eye Garrett looked and then put her hand to cover it up, pinching gently between your fingers. Shae hands went to the back of his head, his body shaking and arching in hand and mouth. Garrett began to gently suck the nipple in the mouth, every pull of his mouth, his body trembling. He moaned softly against his skin, his hand kneading her flesh, making the turn under him. With a final stroke of his tongue, Garrett looked up, looked up and said. "Good night, my dear" Shae laughter, licking his lips and said. "Good night to you too, honey" He looked at her, his hand sliding down her hand on his chest and in the back of their size. "You're so sweet Shae, the sweetest thing I've ever felt," he said, his voice soft and husky, dreamy eyes, sliding down her body. In the expression of his face, he is moaning softly, raising his hand and dragging her satin-covered chest. Unleash waist dress, she extended her hand sides. Another moan escaped. "And you're so hard Garrett I love that you're so tough stands against me as well." Shae, his voice soft and husky with sleep and wakefulness said. His hand slid over her chest, rubbing his palm against her tight nipples. His head fell forward and he groaned, the sound vibrating through her large breasts. She smiled slightly wicked smile and she brought her fingers around a small circle of buttons. He pulled out a little and felt his hand tighten around his waist, his fingers digging into his skin. He reached out and pulled her hand, lifting it to his lips and kissed. "The bathroom is free, why not go to cool off. I imagine that after eating, we can take a swim in the huge bath there," he said, smiling. "While you're doing that, I'll find something for us to eat." She stacked things in pockets on top of the dresser and began to put clothes away. She took her bag of toiletries in the bathroom, the decision to save that for last. As she entered the room, Garrett returned with a tray. Tray sat on top of the dresser and took her in his arms, giving a torrid kiss. Set back, took the tray again, and settle into bed He smiled as he stood up where he left her, held her fingers to her lips trembling, they were a bit its inflated. He patted the bed beside him and took the tray cover. There were cookies and slices of cheese and meats. Another small plate held a variety of vegetables and favorite ranch dressing. She smiled and sat on the bed beside him, snuggling with him and reach a pirate and a little cheese. He moved his hand to the side and caught the pirate with his fingers and pressed it to her lips, she waited until she opens her mouth. He opened it and took a bite, and then the rest of the cookie to his mouth and ended. He fed him and until all the food is gone. He sat back in the tray of the plate and lifted the glass of water to his lips; She smiled as he drank the cold liquid. Then she looked at him as he drank. When he finished put the cup on the nightstand, and the tray is placed on the floor. As for herself, she slid her hands up to her neck in the back of the head and crushed his mouth to hers. Shae groaned against her mouth, his lips opening and welcoming moist heat of his tongue. He teased the tip of the tongue with his, persuasion in the mouth, making gasping as he sucked, biting his tongue. Her hands gripped his shoulders, standing as his passion broke system. Shae Summers writhed against him; Meowing little pleasure and frustration leaking from his mouth. His hands were fists in his hair, trying to pull him where she wanted it to be. He refused to be transported. He wanted to take his time and look. An idea hit him and sent a quick blow to the head. I needed to see, looked Shae and planted a kiss on the tip of his nipple and then released. I got up out of bed, stood aside and watched. The hills and valleys of his body seemed so sweet and cool courtyards of white satin. He arrived at the trailing edge of your finger in the center of his chest, taking a detour around each nipple, creaking and bow in her touch. Garrett quickly pulled his finger away and the center of his belly. Gently, he dipped his finger in the navel before sliding down the center of his abdomen. He smiled as he could feel his muscles trembling under his flesh. She spread her legs forward and slid his finger up his pubic bone. He smiled knowingly and wide right to reach the top of the slot. Swipe, he traced his hip and slid along her thigh from her knee down into his calf. Garrett surreptitiously slipped the strap on the belt loops of her dress. Realizing that his eyes were closed Shae ribbon laced through the bars on the way. Even sliding your finger down on the inside of the calf, the satin strap under your ankle slipped and tied a loose circle around her ankle. She realized that she was concentrating on her touch, as it was not seen anything she. He tied another loose circle around each other at the ankle sliding his fingers into his flesh. His eyes were still closed. Garrett had to wonder if he was playing possum and leave the tie. He shrugged his shoulders and quietly removed his belt of her dress as well. He trailed his fingers back up her body and pushed her arms until they are straight overhead. Dragging his fingers under his arms, he pressed his hands on the pads, and sliding the belt through the bars of the head. He was so endearing when he moved to the loops tightened, holding her hands near the head. She dragged her fingers through her body, making her moan and groan, his eyes still closed. Kneeling between his feet on the bed, he did the same to her ankles, tying them so that when he moved to tighten loops, gently holding his feet to the bed "So you gonna say something or just going to eat that nasty food?" Misty asked in a kind of arrogant. Instantly I knew I was not very happy that I was there. "I know," I said.





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