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Beautiful bowling located in the heart of Miami around a famous hotel. Beautiful people very safe the place as the area. Beautiful bar with drinks, good music. The mines of 7 up breathe good vibes in the environment. Many people go out to work and will drink something there. It is not a nigth club do not expect to see mines in balls, but enter the VIP where the tables are there are cats to throw to the ceiling.

I write at noon asking for info. She sends me audios but never defining a rate saying that she was looking for and that she was doing end of the month promotion and also that she had a full rate. Everything already sounded like trout or tricky PV but I had no other chances, the others had not answered me and I didn't want to lose the chance.

I send an audio "confirm me today 16" that was more 14: 00hs and he answers me with an audio too "look I had an urgency at home blah blah blame excuse us we leave it for another day", the fucking mother with how well they talked about this girl and I stand up, I don't know if I was well I replied, "Ok, ready if there is another day, minimum charge me 1 hour and I stay half more" hahahahaha .. I did not answer anything, but if one day I write again I will to demand that crazy half hour, not to take people as a dummy.

This was one of those girls who had been watching a band ago and was never going to visit them because there always seemed to be a better option. I threw the whatsapp asking for information at about one o'clock and it immediately caught my attention that instead of having the text ready I sent audios throwing information in dropper. Once an area and price passed, I booked an hour for that at 17.30. It is in the Florida building 5xx. I arrived, asked him to pass me the apartment and he told me that in a while he would let me go up and if he could buy liners. I didn't like that, I did the same. The Venezuelan who attended the kiosk next to the building stared at me when I said liners as if I had said a word in Chinese. Prophylactic? Condoms? Ahhh ... he tells me. Ok, $ 135 the box of 3 prime superfine. The teenie passes me the apartment, I go to the elevators, security asks me to open the backpack, I yield, I upload. The apartment is a studio apartment of 30 m2, spacious bathroom with shower and liquid soap, she is alone in the apartment. Double bed, air conditioning that gives direct to the bed. The photos have zero photoshop. She is the same body, she is pretty and has an ass for a hundred. At the same time she said something like that she has a shitty character or strong character, something like that. I wait for her lying on the bed, she undresses and before getting on the bed she puts music on the cell phone, Metallica I think. He climbs on the bed, gives kisses, sucks a little the tits that are girls but cute. I ask her to lie down, she asks me why, to suck you for a while I tell her. No, I do not like. Ok ... Go down to the oral that you do with, well, it makes you want, look at you in the meantime. When the song ended, something started that took me out of the XP quite quickly. On her cell phone, whatsapp audios began to sound instead of music. So the option was to slow down everything or continue. I chose to continue, bad idea. I ask him to put in four, he tells me that first missionary, at this point we had zero chemistry and it was all quite mechanical. I give him a missionary time, he coughs because the air bothers him. Accept to go in four, slapping him a few times the huge beautiful ass he has and I give him a while until the first and only one goes, because this is where I ate the amague: he works with only one participation. So there is not much more than the xp. He took me out a conversation, told me about how it is common to be asked if he sells photo packs and others who only contact him to talk for a while. Which seemed sad to me. We talk about different pages, working in different areas for her, the different pages and the ranges of each one. Anyway, the thing raised a touch there.

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