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Luna Star is a great booty Latina who believes she was "born to do porn." Leaving Cuba behind for Miami, Luna hit the books and obtained a university degree. But as fate would have it, it was destined for bigger and more difficult things: in 2012, Luna blew up her porn cherry and never looked back. Despite his small body, he loves to dominate, take care of all the big guys that are on the way. Whether it's a stiff cock in her bubble butt or plunging her head into a wet pussy, Luna's delicious Latin ass is ready for that. When this curvy Cuban beauty is not on the set, she is putting those thick legs of her to work on trails, box a storm and listen to soft jazz. Saying he wants to be "the best porn star in history" means that you can expect much more from Luna Star's enthusiastic fuck sessions here in the videos below.

Date of Birth: May 25th, 1989

Birth Place: Havana, Cuba

Height: 5' 3"

Measurements: 34D-24-35

The busty blonde Latina Luna Star likes to snowboard. And what we like the most is to take advantage of the fact that these girls do what we ask, in exchange for money. As many payers pay the subscription, we can do what we want with these young girls, and it occurred to me to ask her to undress in the snow, just to see it go cold and that her nipples get very, very hard, big and hard to bite them and pinch them all I want. And then I make her enter the cabin and while she keeps going cold I penetrate her and fuck her until it gets warm and I make her have orgasms while cutting it to be able to upload it to this website and that all of you can masturbate with the Cuban sluts They are willing to do everything to make money in porn. Her boyfriend Kyle Mason only likes sports, but lets Luna drag him to a snow cabin in the mountains because they share a common interest in another activity: kissing in the snow! Luna takes off her boots and dances in the galleries, without being the type that allows the cold to prevent her from becoming sexy. Watch how she undresses on the snowboard and runs pear trees bouncing in the snow. And when he calls Kyle for kisses, fellatio and smoking cowgirl action on the trunk of a fallen tree, you can practically hear the ice around him turn into steam. Luna's pussy must be at the temperature of a nuclear reactor, since she and Kyle try position after position and time never bothers them. So, if you're trapped and snowed in the mountains, look for Luna and snuggle in her to warm you up!

When Sean Lawless wakes up, he is surprised to discover that his father has hired a hot maid. When he introduces himself, Luna Star tells Sean that he is also helping his parents with their marital problems. She is in an open relationship with both parents, but is a bit more fucking when it comes to sucking cocks.

Luna Star is the type of Cuban girl who knows exactly what she wants. He loves to tease and anger his man. He will pull his butt tight and bubbly enough to attract him to follow her to the bedroom. Show him how delicious it is and then quickly cover yourself to make sure he wants to see much, much more. This is the type of mare that moves well and knows exactly how to ride a crazy man. LunStar woke up a little earlier in the morning to begin her training before her extremely busy day began. While running her mile on the treadmill, her boyfriend woke up with morning wood. Especially after seeing her perfectly plump ...

Luna Star took her new roommate, Valentina Nappi, to show her what L.A. I had to offer. Valentina was an exchange student from Italy. She was thick and strong. They took some pictures, but Luna wanted pictures of them that were small.

We have spicy Latina who wants to fuck hard this week. He got straight to the point and started calling Jmacs Dick. He didn't spend much time warming up playing with her sweet pussy. It was nice and wet when Jmac appeared and allowed him to get his reward. This strange Latina was super sexy with her tanned skin, sexy curves and amazing fucking skills. You won't want to miss a second of this beauty that shows you what a true Latina on Calle 8 can do. So hot!

If you like thin girls with tight bodies, then you will love submission this week. This boy's girlfriend was sunbathing in her backyard with nothing but a sparse bikini that left little to the imagination. She was taking care of her own business. We have a special holiday gift for you this week. We have the super hot Luna and Gulliana in the house that decorates our tree and they had nothing but some arches over their naughty parts. They didn't last long working on the tree before getting prostituted

Luna was dress to kill, and if we let her lose outside the club someone probably would of had a heart attack. Her sexy as out fit had just enough material to be called an outfit. Jmac took it off before any one could think twice about talking to her.

His mother worked as a Cuban government official and his father ran a shop in Havana's old town. In Florida, after some minor work, she began a brief career as an erotic model, when she realized that what she could do best in this life is to undress in front of the cameras so that we fuck her in public She debuted as a pornographic actress in 2012, at age 23, recording her first scene for Bangbros.In 2015, after two years of career, she signed a contract with the talent agency directed by Mark Splieger.4 As an actress she has worked for producers such as Evil Angel, Penthouse, Hustler, Reality Kings, Wicked Pictures, Tushy, Naughty America, Jules Jordan Video, Girlfriends Films, Hard X, Bangbros, Digital Playground or New Sensations, among others.1 In 2015 he received his first nominations in the industry awards circuit, with two nominations at the AVN5 Awards for Best POV Sex Scene for Dress-Up Dolls6 and for the Best MHM Trio Scene for Latinas On Fire; 7 as well as in the XBIZ8 awards for the best sex scene in parody movie by American Hustle XXX: A Parody. In 2016 he stood out for winning the XBIZ10 award for Best Sex Scene in Vignette, along with Dani Daniels, for his work in Let's Play Doctor.11 He also received the nomination12 for Best Actress in a film parody for This Ain't Modern Family XXX.1 He would return in 2017 to the XBIZ with the nomination under his arm for Best Sex Scene in Lesbian Movie in Girl Crushed.1 He has shot more than 490 movies as a porn actress with his ass wide open.

Sex is one of the greatest pleasures of life, but there are many ways to enjoy it. One of them is oral sex, where dozens of myths have been spread regarding fluids. In the case of semen, especially, it is said both that it is good and that it is bad. It is true that the seminal flow of men contains a large amount of nutrients, but it is also true that it can be harmful to people who ingest it. Today we want to demystify all the theories you have heard and give you a scientific explanation about it.

For starters, oral sex is something of two, where both parties should feel comfortable and enjoy it. There are people who practice oral sex but without ejaculating, other people swallow the semen without problems and others do not even want to hear about oral sex. One of the most common problems in oral sex is the stomachache caused by your intake, do you know why it is?

As I said, semen has multiple nutrients, including minerals, proteins, lipids, hormones and vitamins, among others. Each person is unique, and reacts differently to the components. While others can tolerate any substance, others are more likely to suffer from some kind of discomfort. To give a quick example: spicy foods affect people differently. Some tolerate spicy very well while others cannot drink anything spicy. The taste, color and even semen density varies according to the person and other aspects. The food that has been taken in the previous hours affects, for example, its flavor, giving it a more salty touch if you have eaten seafood or fish. Several studies have shown that semen intake can have antidepressant or even anticancer effects. But semen can also transmit diseases. Among them are hepatitis B and C, HIV, gonorrhea or syphilis. It is best to go to the doctor, ask for some analysis and leave doubts to enjoy oral sex without worries.

Swallowing semen during oral sex is a fairly common practice for many people. Therefore, it is normal that at some point the question arises: can it be bad for the stomach, any other organ of the digestive system or for health in general? It was, by the way, one of the 100 questions about adolescent sexuality edited by the Municipality of Santiago de Chile in 2016, a book that generated a stir among the most conservative sectors of that country. The answer is that ingesting semen only represents a risk against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea. In the case of other STDs, such as oral and genital herpes, syphilis and human papillomavirus, the risk of infection already lies in skin-to-skin contact, that is, it is already given by the same practice of oral sex; then, swallowing or not semen would no longer matter. Beyond that, and specifically for the stomach and digestive system, semen does not pose a risk: it is almost always harmless. It almost has to do with what, sometimes, can cause diarrhea for the person who ingests it . This is due to the fact that the semen contains prostaglandin, a substance derived from the essential fatty acids of the diet, whose main function is to favor coagulation and prevent blood loss, but which generates diarrhea as a side effect. In fact, it is the same substance that causes many women to suffer from this same problem during their menstrual period.

Otherwise, semen is harmless. And not only that: according to some research, it could have beneficial effects, as a result of the more than fifty substances - in addition to prostaglandin - that compose it. Among them are proteins, fructose, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins C and B12, sodium, potassium and zinc. Of course, in very small quantities. But even so, its intake could have some advantages. A work carried out by scientists in the United States found in 2013 an association between semen intake and a lower risk of suffering from preeclampsia, a complication of pregnancy related to blood pressure. The study, however, clarified that it based its results on a small sample (224 women) and that it required new research to ratify - or cast doubt on - its conclusions. Antidepressant properties are also attributed to semen. But in this sense there is no evidence that the semen should be swallowed. In fact, the most cited research in this regard was based on two groups of sexually active women, with the difference that those in the first group had had relationships without using a condom and those in the second had used it. In addition to the fact that women in the first group were less depressed, always according to the conclusions of the work, "depressive symptoms and suicide attempts among women who used a condom were proportional to the persistence in their use." The levels of depression symptoms were evaluated through the Beck Depression Inventory, one of the most common instruments to detect and measure the severity of a depressive state. In the case of women who did not use a condom, those levels were higher the longer it had been since their last intercourse. Since the vagina is surrounded by a vascular network composed of arteries, veins and blood and lymphatic vessels, it becomes a much more powerful source of absorption than the digestive tract when it comes to a substance reaching the peripheral circulatory system. So, according to some scientific literature, semen would have an antidepressant effect, but it is better if it comes through the vagina than through the mouth. Now, science is limited to confirming this fact and obviously there are other natural ways to improve our mood much safer for our health.

Another of the virtues of semen, according to recent studies, is that it favors ovulation and fertility. But this also does not require swallowing. A protein included in the sperm, called a nerve growth factor, plays an important role in the egg release process. In addition, it acts as a hormone "making its way through the walls of the vagina, into the blood and into the brain, where it stimulates the release of other hormones that affect the ovaries." This is indicated by an article published in the specialized journal Nature. With regard to the benefits of semen for hair and skin, specialists do not agree. Although it was used for these purposes since ancient Egyptian times, there are now dermatologists who believe that sperm, an alkaline substance, is a very bad complement to human skin, acidic in nature. At least, if the plan is to come into direct contact with each other. What is clear is that semen does not help prevent cancer. The bulo that ingesting semen twice a week would reduce breast cancer risk by up to 40% in 2003, from an alleged article in the US news network CNN. This information has not stopped reproducing to this day, even in allegedly serious media, but it was nothing more than a fake news, a false news that many took for real.

Not swallowing the semen of the couple is a symbol of rejection. Like everything that can be done in sex, it must be a matter of feeling comfortable. Each person is different, and will have preference for some practices than others, and you always have to respect them. The viscous texture and semen taste make it perfectly normal not to find it pleasant. There are many other ways to enjoy sex. But that if, if you do not swallow it, you will be in trouble.

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