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Three months after the industry began in 2009, Ariella Ferrera said in an interview that it would stop doing porn if I ever stop fun doing it. Well, 2010 has been and gone and is still in it, so you know this sexy latina loves to fuck! And given that the star was a dental hygienist busty when he met a porn star and decided to give an opportunity to the porn life, the poor girl must have been very unemotional! However, it is good for us that you have done, because now everyone can see those big tits bounce all day while the hottest pornstars fucks. Oh, and as if his explosive body and sexy attitude were not exciting enough, do not worry ... The Ms. Ferrera loves the ladies too!

Ariella Ferrera has everything you would want in a MILF and something more. She is mature, beautiful, emanates erotic experience, can put a monstrous cock slowly down her throat, and has huge DD sweater stretchers. A Colombian tomboy who moved to Chitown at age 5, Ariella went from polishing teeth as a dental hygienist to polishing buttons on the screen after meeting a patient who was a male porn star. She was bored with her conventional life and convinced her to try something different. Debuting in porn at age 30, Ferrera acquired a lot of sexual experience in the real world before taking it to the cameras, and can teach you how to make both men and women burst like geysers. She loves to be called cougar: "It allows me to be aggressive in my scenes, which I enjoy a lot ... it has opened a new world of lust especially with regards to my g / g scenes". Yes, Ariella treats porn stars as a Catholic nun in a boarding school in the 50s, but she does not expect the guys to play either. She is happy to do the job from any position, and if you are not screwing correctly, she will take the initiative and execute your fuzzy pussy along your shaft with refined precision. And once she's satisfied, she'll make you a cup of hot milk and put you to bed. Just do not come to call if you do not like the hair of her pussy. She keeps it well but she prefers not to shave completely. Born in 1979, she is not a tiny bopper, so if you can not do that, you can not do with the rest of her.

Chad White has forgotten that he rented his room for a lingerie photo shoot. The photographer enters the house, followed by the sexiest model you've ever seen: the only one, the only Ariella Ferrera! Mr. White admires the beautiful curves of this busty pump and her huge tits! The photographer, however, does not want his model to be distracted by the attention that Mr. White is giving him. Ariella is a professional model, after all, and has a job to do: pose provocatively and look sexy like shit, without getting excited! But when Mrs. Ferrera catches Chad masturbating with her sexy lingerie with her huge tits exposed, Ariella can not help but get excited just thinking about sucking and fucking her big cock! Ariella goes to work, giving Mr. White the best blowjob he has ever received before wrapping his huge tits around his cock and fucking him. But when the photographer returns, will Ariella be ready for her close-up, or will Mr. White be ready to give this busty nymphomaniac his much-desired cumshot? Trimming hedges, mowing the lawn, cutting bushes, just honest work for a young man. Outside with a climate of 98 degrees taking care of my business and my employer feels the need to playfully play with me. I do not understand sometimes MILFs, they love young cock! I could say that he has been wanting to fuck during the last year, always flirting with me and blowing kisses from time to time, I guess today was my lucky day. I'm flying the leaves and Ariella decides to go out onto the lawn and start tanning in the most skimpiest bikini I've ever seen in my life. She even decided to tan her boobs in the skies! All I think is to leave, not look, and go back to work! Now I am in another part of the house and suddenly Ariella decides to grab my cock from behind! Without knowing anything better, I say "leave me alone" and I leave quickly. She finally tracks me again and convinces me to let her suck my dick! What a damn situation, to make matters worse, her husband is desperately looking for her! Just one more day in the life of a gardener!

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