Ashley Adams


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If someone was made to be a porn star, it's Ashley Adams. The Greek-Italian beauty was blessed with the hourglass body ideal for pornography: a perfect pair of huge natural DD tits topped with incredibly sensitive nipples, a tight waist and a delicious round booty. However, more than that, Ashley was born with a legendary sexual appetite that forced her to look for porn even during her incredibly protected upbringing. At first, Ashley was so innocent, she did not even know what to look for, but she came home from school and looked for videos of girls kissing online. Her exploration gradually took her through the rabbit hole into the world of pornographic wonders and Ashley decided she wanted to make it her home. When a porn agent searched Ashley on social media and invited her to shoot her first scene, this plump babe took the opportunity and had such a good time in her first porn scene that soon Ashley was a full-time porn actress. If someone was destined for greatness, it's Ashley. Watch her enter her porn birthright in the scenes below.








What are you involved in?

"I got to school 5 days a week and I lift pretty much everyday, sometimes twice a day with exceptions when I'm injured and stuff. I work at my dad's office and I go to school at Arapaho high school. I work usually everyday, sometimes I have to skip it to go do my homework."

How old are you Ashely?

"I'm 17 almost 18. January 22, zero one two two!" (2018)

How long have you been tricking?

"Just over two years"

What got you into tricking?

"I used to do cheerleading but I got kinda bored of it and for some reason I wanted to learn how to do a btwist. So I was searching all around the gym I was at for people who knew how to do it. But they're like gymnasts so they didn't know how to do it. I somehow found Alec Vail who gave me Nick Vail's number.. and Nick works with me now.

What is your favorite trick to do and your favorite trick to watch?

"Uh idk I really like doing cart dub because dub feels amazing, especially when I land it. To watch, I really like shuriken cutter. where it's like bam!.. yeah that's a good trick"

What are some of your tricking goals?

"Dub dub, triple cork, and OC's. I want to be Rassmus Ott at OC's"

Favorite music to trick/session to?

"It depends on what kind of mood iIm in. I like logic kind of music and chiller music at certain times

What's a random fact about you, most people might not know about?

"Hmm I dunno? … I do breakdancing."

Who or what motivates you?

"Santana taught me that he wanted to use tricking to bring out the best in himself and becoming the best version of myself is what motivates me. I guess I motivate myself. I spend hours on YouTube figuring out what I want to do next. I spend a lot of time thinking about tricking

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

"Chicken and quinoa cause gains. (What if health wasn't a factor?).. Chocolate cake."

What was/is the hardest trick for you, the most challenging?

"Either 540 or Btwist. Which is pretty ironic because btwist is what I wanted to learn when I first started to trick and I still can't do it really."

What's your biggest pet peeve?

"When people are driving and there's two cars that are driving the same speed and you can't get past them. They're driving like 10 miles under."

Do you wad or fold your toilet paper?

"haha I'm not gonna answer that."

Do you have anything you like to do pre-session?

"Ideally before session I like to eat maybe an hour/hour and a half before session and get good food so it's settled in by the time I'm ready to use my body. Then I take pre-workout about a half hour before. Then I turn on the heat in my car so it's like sitting in the sauna before. Kinda like how we do before working out, and then i just try to go hard. Also, I write down combos and ideas I want to try. I watch videos of my favorite trickers and trickers I don't really watch a lot, to get different variety. I only use my book during session when I get stuck and nothing sounds like a good path to go down. It reminds me of ideas I liked before."

If you could put anything into a wood chipper what would you put?

"Aw I hate this question… Umm Obama haha oh or Balloons."

What are some of your

"Cashley, Cash-money, Crashley, uh Crashpad, Smashley. What else does Brian say?.. Oh! Luna. Doc, anything that rhymes with smash or crash really ."

Who are your favorite trickers?

Vellu, Rasmus Ott and Thomas Meriman

If you had a warning label what would it say?

"Warning fire about to be dropped. Oh! Warning: Never let me slip 'cause if I slip then I'm slipping."

Written by: Mandy Parker: @mandyparkermotivate



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