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Life to find myself. Along the way I got to experience travel, a more open mind and exploration which was wonderful. But the truth is it wasn't fit for me. I wanted to write some long thing for you guys to read like I promised but it's pretty simple- I'm just moving on to other. I am a super sexual person and I've always loved being in front of the camera so I took it seriously but I've gotten sick more in the last 3 years than I have my entire life and on top of that 19-22 years old I did so much growing up. So much of me just needed that time in my. Sometimes I wish I would have gotten more into adult film but to be honest I've gotten sick so much the last 3 years my immune system has been super weak and I just don't care about fame or money enough. I'm too involved in my life with sobriety, my family and friends to care. Well I woke up, and I'm happy to say my back feels a lot better! So I think I'll be all better in less than a week. Okay so I'm gonna keep this Twitter to share all my new scenes/photos anything Porn related. But I made a new twitter that I'll be active on, if you want to stay involved in my life. But I will block any harassment etc. I just got home thank you for all the prayers and kind words. I have severe internal bruising in my back and muscle spasms. It's not gonna be easy but I'll be okay! Send prayers for me please I injured my back really bad and it might be broken I'm being transferred from Urgent Care to the Hospital. I'm really worried.

Cute, all-natural blonde Cleo Vixen tempts director Toni Ribas with her tiny tits and firm, young booty. She begs the taboo 'daddy' to teach her how to squirt! Cleo peels off lacy white linger... My heart and prayers go out to that girl, I hope she can heal from what's happened to her mentally and psychically. It's sad because that's the reality of how people who have been abused think. There is never an excuse for violence or any forum of abuse. The sad thing is the girl keeps saying she upset him and making excuses for him and won't give them information on who he is. I spent a while tonight talking to the police and my neighbors at my apartment and making sure the girl got to the hospital okay. I witnessed a horrible example of abuse tonight when a man ran over a girl after beating her and throwing her out the window of his car. I did not feel that earthquake. Everything is going good! I post as much as I can &update you guys on anything Porn related though. Outside from work I don't like to post. And acceptance will set you free. This year has been so much more peaceful because of these little changes I've made little changes can make a big difference. I think it's so important to have a private life with the people I love and the things I love and not broadcast it having a life outside of work that no one gets to see or be a part of unless they know me very well is something I appreciate. I'm always real with you guys and I'll never front to be any way that I'm not but I get to have my privacy if I want it, and I want that. I'm glad I don't put my entire life on my twitter or Instagram, or anything really.


Lol you don't get what I was saying. I want to be celibate outside of Porn it's a choice it's just hard to get used to. Aw thanks you're the sweetest. idk why but being compared to a fairy is such a cute compliment it's the best. It's worth it though, to wait until I find someone worth having personal sex with. Outside of Porn I've been celibate for a month by choice and I'm really proud of myself but also silently going insane from lack of sex. Dare the people who actually know me to write something about what I'm like and my personality vs my appearance on anon for once . Have me around. But it is just so hard to move to a new place and be sober and 21 and do Porn and try to make friends all at the same time, Don't freak out over my last post I wouldn't do something extreme over other people hurting my feelings, people like that don't deserve to . I've been trying to make more sober friends in my area and it's such a constant disappointment, it almost makes me wish I wasn't even sober. If there's two things I hate it's a liar and people who waste your time. Those are like the worst qualities a person can have in my book.


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