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Not that it's a series just for women, not at all. It is that, for the first time, in a series of masses such as Hot is the new black not only there are no men ... it is that they are not practically spoken of, they are not main elements in the plot, not everything revolves around them and they are not missing at all (but that does not make a series for women). In this series there is no protagonist, there are many: real women (or who could be perfectly), with human stories. Strong, independent, brave, tender, sour and sarcastic, sometimes good, sometimes bad, heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual ... A variety as wide as life itself. Enough clichés.

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Nowadays, the prosperous industry of television series is able to approach rough topics in great ways. One of the thematic axes of the last season of Hot is The New Black is racism, or more specifically the tensions that are generated between different ethnic groups in the Litchfield prison. This situation gives rise to in the second episode, the power suit (Power Suit), have held two hilarious dialogues.

Chapter by chapter, in the fourth season of OiTNB, comedy and acid humor are gradually replaced by a silent and intense drama that tears you apart.

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I can give you a million answers because I think that women are bitches but better explain it to you with the things that have shocked me the most; 1. They say look for the ideal man (knowing that when they find him they hate him) Every woman says that there is no romantic man, the man who cares for the woman, Every man who has fallen in love with some woman ... But there is no happiness as a couple, accept it, always in the end they send us to hell for have treated them like queens, I know people who have lost their asses for cruel love and in the end they have ended in a tremendous depression, women know perfectly that they love danger, money and evil. They want to feel alive, that's why they always fall in love of the assholes or the wallets ... They always go out with the assholes because they want emotions, while we finish They use sex and their body just to reward us, do not believe that they like sex, they only use it. If you want to triumph, you first get rid of the head of the woman of our dreams, sadly you have to have a heart of stone and enough money to have fun .. 2. They complain about perverts, rapists, etc ... In this, many people may tell me that I am not right but I also want to share my thoughts with you ... In my country a few months ago, a young woman became famous for losing her life because of a rapist, The man was a driver of a bus, first I raped her, then I cut her hands and finally killed her with blows. I know what this man did was a great evil, but what struck me were the comments made by all the women on twitter, Many explained how outraged they were by this act, they explained that it was not forbidden to wear MİNİ skirt, that women were also entitled to everything, that people like that had to be killed, etc. Okay, it is true that there should not be people like those, but most of them can not complain because you have to accept that they dress like whores and that makes the thing worse, I know that in this I think very macho but really think it well, Now all women wear mini skirts, not normal skirts , they teach almost all their tits and then complain about why men look at them like animals, sorry but even they know very well that they dress like that to get attention, they have no right to complain ... 3.Tristementos esta generacion va a la mierda Una mujer no nace zorra,se hace, por culpa de los padres las crias van a peor,ahora las crias pierden la virginidad sobre los 14, es normal si no hay nadie que le ayude a cuidarse,se sienten perdidas y al final acaban como vemos... RESUMEN:Nuestra generacion va a la mierda,todo el que se casa en estos tiempos es seguro que se divorciara,ya no existe la mujer en la que se pueda confiar,todo va a la mierda. The former are not always part of the past, sometimes they are present in our lives long after the relationship ends and we refuse to "let them go". This happens in every way and especially in sex, it is better to do it with someone you know, and not with someone new to know. There are several reasons why we want to have sex with the ex, here we tell you some. You want a close For many people, the relationship ended in confusion and turned out to be very complicated. Having relationships once the couple finished is a way to "close" the topic and perhaps clarify what was the reason for its end. Makes the break less sad and hard This occurs in long-standing relationships in which there is even a coexistence of years. It happens that in these cases, usually, you want the separation to be smooth and without consequences for either of you, because it is very rare to be with someone for so long and that, from one day to the next, you are no longer in our lives. For that reason, the solution that many of us find is having sex with our ex. You feel lonely An ex is something familiar and very safe. Creating new relationships always takes time, it is important that they know each other, and that can sometimes be exhausting. Knowing someone new is not achieved from one day to the next, as you may have realized. The ex-partners are "old acquaintances", to name them in some way, and it is often easier to return to old relationships and alleviate solitude a little, because it takes less effort. Keep in mind that this, while it may alleviate that feeling for a short time, only delays the inevitable and, sooner or later, the final separation will happen. You cheat yourself believing that they will return Unfortunately, many people fall into the error of believing that they will return to their ex by having sex after separation. This almost never happens or, if it happens, it will not end well for either of them. Did you have sex with an ex-partner? What was the reason that led you to make this decision? Are you sorry you did? From the burning of calories to the strengthening of the immune system, and even the fight against the signs of aging, numerous scientific studies reveal that regular sex greatly increases the well-being of people. "Sex is a natural painkiller and could help fight insomnia," says American gynecologist Sherry Ross in dialogue with the British health website Net Doctor. Next, describe the nine benefits-always according to science-of having sex: Burn calories Researchers from the University of Quebec, in Montreal, analyzed 21 heterosexual couples with an average age of 22 years. The results revealed that women burn, on average, 69.1 calories when they have sex for just under 25 minutes. This number of calories goes up even more if you are at the top, squatting or having an orgasm. "The sexual act can be a great exercise and counts as such for many of your regimens," said Dr. Ross. Improves the immune system A study from Indiana University finds higher levels of antibodies, which fight infections: "Regular sex contributes to a better immune system, combat common illnesses, such as colds. Sex also helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attacks. " Prevents incontinence For women who suffer from urinary incontinence, which is common after childbirth, incorporating Kegels (PC muscle contraction) in your sex life can strengthen the pelvic floor and improve bladder control. "If this is not enough, these exercises also increase orgasms for both you and your partner," adds Ross. It is a natural analgesic The contraction of the genital muscles generates a pleasant sensation that can reduce the discomfort of menstrual cramps, headaches and pain in the joints. Remedy against insomnia After an orgasm, endorphins and the hormone prolactin are released, which relaxes the body and mind to promote sleep. Increase the chances of pregnancy, even if you are not ovulating! Researchers from the Kinsey Institute and Indiana University found that women who have sex when they are not ovulating create an environment in the uterus that makes it more hospitable for embryo growth. This is due to the orgasms that activate the immune system, which then seems to prepare women for the possibility of pregnancy. Improve mental health According to sex therapist Vanessa Marin, skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin, which is also known as the "hug hormone." This can reduce anxiety and stress, while promoting feelings of closeness. Prevents wrinkles In 2013, British neuropsychologist David Weeks surveyed more than 3,500 people about their sex life for 10 years. The results revealed that those who have a regular and healthy sex life are up to seven years younger than people who do not have intimate relationships two or three times a week. Weeks believes that this is due to the release of endorphins that stimulate circulation and reduce stress, as well as the production of human growth hormones, which promote skin elasticity. According to a study published in Journals of Gerontology, sexually active older adults perform better on verbal and visual tests. This may be due to the release of oxytocin and dopamine, the "happy hormone", which have been linked to the improvement of cognitive function.


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