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Danny Mountain has a special birthday surprise for his girlfriend, Kali Roses: he has hired a masseuse at home to arrive and give his busty baby the summary of his life! Danny wants this to be a birthday that Kali will not forget soon, so it gives the best gift of all: with hands of Alina Lopez! By giving him some extra money, Danny has asked Alina to give her a massage that will embarrass any other birthday present. Kali then goes to bed for the massage of her life, ready for every inch of her body, inside and out, to be rubbed, greased and worshiped. But how will she react? Maybe she will embrace the mischievous gift and remain alone with Alina? Or will she want to share the lubricated pleasures with her thoughtful boyfriend? The good thing is that Kali Roses is a young lady who is sufficiently horny to understand the good intentions of her boyfriend. He just wanted the three of them to be happy. There is no beauty more beautiful in life than pooder to witness two beautiful young girls, with all the fullness of their youth and their fresh innocent faces, who enjoy sex at the height of their lives. They feel the tongue of their young lovers in the ass, licking them clean and soft years, enjoying the tongue that licks their genitals, they enjoy it. She is a young blonde with super cute tits, they are really big and more when a beautiful young girl like this one gives us naked, posting videos and photos on their social networks and doing private shows, but also great porn productions where makes her enjoy to the fullest.

We used to think that porn included a certain kind of submission regarding women's prostitution, but nowadays, these girls enjoy their sexual actresses condition, and the orgasms in front of the cameras are something natural for them, making sex a lot more natural. So, of course, here you can see how we masturbate the clitoris, we lick their pussy, and we pay another slutty bitch like Kaliroses, the beautiful teen alina, who is a nude slut morochita who is also very young. I tell you that they are not twenty years old, they are young and they are willing to kiss naked, to lick their pussies and asses, to be penetrated and to end up in their faces, we rub their dicks with cum on their nose and eyes, and they lick all the semen, and then with their fingers I want to put them in their mouths, and penetrate their anus, so they can enjoy themselves from behind. Anal sex is one of the most beautiful things there is. It is always good to have sex with young girls but anal sex is for all ages.


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Gon get a lonely girl, that's for sure. From her girl next door looks to her pierced nipples to her juicy phat azz this girl is some kinda awrsone. Instant favorite!! She a little stick of dynamite! very beautiful and very hot , Breaking & Entering Lesbian Couple... Most of the people who were in the workshop were companions, companions of whom I thought when masturbating, companions who surely thought of me and other companions at the time of masturbating, We were all teenagers, so we had the hormones to the surface. The time to act proposed to "love" scenes or some funny stupidity, which were recorded by the teacher and saw in the next class, each class lasted 2 hours, they were intended for students in the morning interact with each other and between in the afternoon, it should be noted that the best and the best were in the afternoon, this was the case in ALL the schools, there was no coherent explanation, it was just that way.

Question that in one of the classes in the middle of the year, in the middle of winter, so the cold and the fog made that less people than normal go to the workshop, for me it was a relief, to act like this was easier, I could let go more and have less shame, that day we had gone a total of 6 students, 4 classmates, a friend, and I, as there were very few students, the teacher chose to do improvised performance, that is, the students chose which theme to act, between the 6 we chose that 2 of us acted what would come to be a loving fight with a reconciliation. To do it, you needed a boy and a girl obviously, by the way, I did not say that the only ones that were in the morning were my friend, and I, then the other 4 were in the afternoon, I had tremendous shame so I had to impersonate him , and of the girls, Mariana, a petite blonde who was the same age as me, was very developed for her age, her body showed her tits, in which the bra was always highlighted and she had a good ass that did not You could tell by the uniform of the school, but if you put a jean you could see the magnitude of that pair of buttocks. At the time of acting even though we saw only 5 people were afraid, in most cases everything was acted with humor and comedy, but this time the teacher said that we do it seriously, my fear was that in the end they would ask for a kiss, although it seems a huge boludez. The not so long-awaited moment arrived, until the teacher demanded a fucking kiss, with shame I approached Kali and kissed her, the idea was that it was fast, but as soon as we started kissing we did not let go, the fever was already rising for our bodies, the teacher had to say that we had done very well and separated us so that we fell at once, Kali and I were blushed and without further sat down in our places, the rest of the weekend passed normally.

I kept thinking about that kiss, and for the next thing I'm going to tell apparently Kali did not stop thinking about it either, since it was Monday, that day we had physical education after finishing the last hour of class, about the One and a half in the afternoon, when the afternoon hours come. When I'm coming to high school, I see the friend who had previously, that is, he was talking to her outside the school, I found it strange because I had never seen them together, I thought they were ligand or something style, it gave me a little envy, but I did not pay much attention and I continued with mine. In the class break, to drink water and stretch, he approaches me and through the fence that separates the physical education field with the playground, he tells me that a while ago he had asked for my number, I answered him and what happened? and she answered that she had given it to her, that meant that she wanted to talk to me, we could not talk anymore because I had to go back to class, but I was anxious. After that, the days went on and we talked more and more, we already had confidence in each other, in fact, I started to like it, and it was to be expected that she was very good and had a lot of charisma. In one of the messages, I asked her if she would go to the workshop on Saturday, with which she responded positively, I replied the same, we both wanted to see each other, since during the week we did not coincide for the timetables, when I was leaving , she entered and vice versa. Finally Saturday arrived, I got up, had breakfast and proceeded to take the bus, when I climb I noticed that she is sitting in the background looking out the window, on the opposite side of what I had not seen yet, I paid the ticket and quickly I sat next to her, she was surprised when she saw me, she was half distracted thinking about who knows what, we greeted each other with a warm kiss on the cheek and we were practically the whole trip talking, word goes word comes, until we arrived at the front stop of the lyceum. Five ... four ... three ... two ... one ... pumps blonde Kali Rose and Mia Malkova decided to spend New Year together visiting the best club in town. notice that the VIP section is empty, and seeing that these two women are the hottest club decide to cut the line and flirt with the bouncer, Alex D. Girls a sexy dance with each other give and give without power to resist the charms of these good ass girls, Alex leaves Kali and Mia in the VIP section, where they immediately ask for champagne, but Alex brings them something else to suck! It seems that these sluts came to the right place to eat their party pussies and fuck. Kali and Mia make all the other girls in the club jealous by letting their exhibitionist side relax in a nightclub trio that ends with the two girls getting cum facials! In less than 2 seconds we were eating again, first slow, by shame and shyness, but with the passing of the seconds we were letting go, and the fever began to rise. By this time I already had a desire to garcharmela tremendous, I did not mind being in high school, and I said follow me, we stopped kissing, we left the room and took her to the bathroom, there were very few people, in the hall there was no no, we got into one of the bathrooms of men, and closed the door with tranca, the two boiling were horniness, knew the risk they were running and that if we discovered could be suspended or maybe worse, but risk not it mattered

As soon as I closed the door I began to kiss her neck slowly, making her hotter, she stroked my hand with the lump, which made her harder, as she kissed his neck she put her hand inside the pants of the uniform and his hot little bombshell and I felt those hairy and wet lips by that flow that shed her shell, she sighed exertingly trying not to moan, but I wanted to do it, taking her neck out of my mouth, she bent down and I lowered my pants, grabbed my cock and one began to suck, leaving all his saliva on the trunk and glans, passed his tongue from one side to another, leaving it well ensalivada I began to masturbate with my hand, I shuddered with pleasure and tried not to do Much noise for the doubts, I told him that he was about to finish and I started to masturbate faster, I could not take it anymore and I released all the cum in his face and mouth. She, watching me from the bottom with her fingers, grabbed all the semen from her face and passed it to her lips, and licked them.


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